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    Finding Aid for the Daniel Rupert Johnson Collection (MUM00576)

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    Collection contains clippings, handbooks, correspondence, maps, and miscellaneous documents related to Daniel Rupert Johnson. Items were created 1913-1921

    Лабораторний моніторинг і нутритивно-метаболічна підтримка процесу підготовки спортсменів

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    Монографію присвячено питанням стимуляції фізичної та психічної працездатності в динаміці процесу підготовки спортсменів з урахуванням принципів і методологій клінічної медицини на основі обʼєктивних даних лабораторного контролю. Наведено інформацію стосовно інформативності найбільш популярних тестів, використовуваних для оцінювання впливу фізичних навантажень на показники гомеостазу організму спортсменів. Проаналізовано фактори, що впливають на якість лабораторної діагностики та вміст / активність окремих показників периферичної крові спортсменів. Значну частину монографії присвячено опису та систематизації даних щодо обґрунтованого використання широкої палітри спеціальних харчових добавок з урахуванням Положень Консенсусу МОК щодо застосування спортсменами сучасних нутритивно-метаболічних засобів і незаборонених фармакологічних засобів

    Gettysburg College Headquarters Spring 2023

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    The Gettysburg College Headquarters is an open access, peer-reviewed, undergraduate research journal that publishes works from specific fields in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Visual Arts

    1963-1973, Memphis State University Honors Assembly programs

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    Programs for Memphis State University\u27s Honors Assemblies sponsored by Omicron Delta Kappa, Senior Men\u27s Honorary, and Tassel, Senior Women\u27s Honorary, held on: -Thursday, May 15, 1963 -Wednesday, May 19, 1965 -Sunday, May 4, 1969 -Sunday, May 3, 1970 -Sunday, April 25, 1971 -Sunday, April 23, 1972 -Sunday, April 29, 1973https://digitalcommons.memphis.edu/speccoll-ua-honorsa1/1000/thumbnail.jp

    2023 Rebel Football Guide

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    Canadians Redefining R&B: The Online Marketing of Drake, Justin Bieber, and Jessie Reyez

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    In a country that long failed to accept, include, and institutionalize R&B music as part of Canadian culture, musical artists Justin Bieber, Drake, and Jessie Reyez have successfully broken-down barriers by having successful careers as racially diverse Canadian R&B artists. This qualitative study surveys the literature on classifications of the R&B genre and of Canadian identities in popular media. The theoretical framework of discourse analysis is used to conduct a brief episodic history of Canadian R&B and to evaluate how the music genre “R&B,” is traditionally associated with people who have Black and American identities, and how a “Canadian” identity is traditionally associated with “white” and “folk” musical artists. I conclude that the ascription of racialized and nationalized identities is found to play a role in each artist\u27s respective inclusion, exclusion, and/or authentication vis a vis R&B. I evaluate how Bieber, Drake, and Reyez each articulate “R&B-ness” and “Canadian-ness” to represent multiple, yet equally Canadian national narratives through their Canadian R&B artist lifestyle brands. In exploring ideas of national identity, intersectionality, digital celebrity, branding, and marketing related to contemporary Canadian popular music genres, the dissertation seeks to answer the question: How have the careers of Justin Bieber, Drake, and Jessie Reyez reinforced, complicated, and/or challenged hegemonic understandings of both “Canadian-ness” and “R&B-ness”? Through textual analyses of their social media posts, brand partnerships, interviews, music videos, and music lyrics, the dissertation traces out how multicultural Canadian artists Bieber, Drake, and Reyez broke into the music industry as “digital stars” (Harvey, 2017) by using online communication strategies, alongside traditional industry practices (such as networking with music industry gatekeepers). A particular focus involves Drake’s, Bieber’s, and Reyez’s brand partnerships and social media strategies, between 2019 and 2022, when the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the significance of online communications, and the Black Lives Matter movement encouraged changes to race-based music industry classifications. The dissertation includes insights from interviews conducted with 35 U.S. and Canadian marketing professionals and music industry executives in 2020. This study is applicable to explorations of how race, nationality, and music genre categories are classified, cultural branding, and contemporary marketing strategies

    Superhelden im Film: Zur post-patriarchalen Utopie des Marvel Cinematic Universe

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    Der anhaltenden Diversifizierung des Superheld*innen-Genres in Film und TV geht eine Umbruchsphase voraus, in deren Fokus eine kritische Neuverhandlung von Männlichkeit(en) steht. Der Autor nähert sich diesem Umbruch aus einer gender- und medienkulturwissenschaftlichen Perspektive, die filmische Männlichkeit als Resultat medienästhetischer Prozesse begreift. Er interpretiert Marvels "Infinity Saga" als Geschichte von Vätern und Söhnen, die im symbolischen Tod des Patriarchats aufgeht. Im Fokus der Betrachtung steht der Film Iron Man und dessen Konstruktion als filmhistorisches Museum der Männlichkeiten, das sich aus der Geschichte Hollywoods speist

    Prolactin does not seem to mediate the improvement on insulin resistance markers and blood glucose levels related to breastfeeding

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    IntroductionThe prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is increasing worldwide. Strategies to decrease this risk should be strongly encouraged. Lactation has been associated, for the mother, with reduction in future T2DM risk in several studies. The mechanisms behind this phenomenon, however, are poorly understood. The aims of this study were, first, to compare blood glucose levels and markers of insulin resistance (MIR) in early postpartum women with overweight/obesity according to their breastfeeding status and, second, to evaluate whether prolactin (PRL) levels could mediate improvements in these parameters.MethodsThe prospective study followed 95 women older than 18 years from early pregnancy for up to 60 to 180 days postpartum. All participants had a BMI > 25 kg/m2 and a singleton pregnancy. At each visit, questionnaires and clinical and biochemical evaluations were performed. Participants were divided into two groups according to the breastfeeding status as “yes” for exclusive or predominant breastfeeding, and “no” for not breastfeeding.ResultsBreastfeeding women (n = 44) had significantly higher PRL levels [47.8 (29.6–88.2) vs. 20.0 (12.0–33.8), p< 0.001]. They also had significantly lower fasting blood glucose levels [89.0 (8.0) vs. 93.9 (12.6) mg/dl, p = 0.04], triglycerides (TG) [92.2 (37.9) vs. 122.4 (64.4) mg/dl, p = 0.01], TG/HDL ratio [1.8 (0.8) vs. 2.4 (1.6) mg/dl, p = 0.02], TyG index [8.24 (0.4) vs. 8.52 (0.53), p = 0.005], fasting serum insulin [8.9 (6.3–11.6) vs. 11.4 (7.7–17.0), p = 0.048], and HOMA-IR [2.0 (1.3–2.7) vs. 2.6 (1.6–3.9), p = 0.025] in the postpartum period compared to the non-breastfeeding group. Groups were homogeneous in relation to prevalence of GDM, pre-gestational BMI, as well as daily caloric intake, physical activity, and weight loss at postpartum. Linear regression analysis with adjustments for confounders showed a statistically significant association of breastfeeding with fasting blood glucose [−6.37 (−10.91 to −1.83), p = 0.006], HOMA-IR [−0.27 (−0.51 to −0.04), p = 0.024], TyG index [−0.04 (−0.06 to −0.02), p = 0.001], and TG/HDL ratio [−0.25 (−0.48 to −0.01), p = 0.038]. Mediation analysis showed that PRL did not mediate these effects. Sensitivity analyses considering different cutoffs for PRL levels also did not show modification effect in the mediation analyses.ConclusionBreastfeeding was associated with improvement in glucose metabolism and MIR 60 to 180 days after birth in overweight and obese women, even when adjusted for confounders. PRL levels were not found to mediate the association between breastfeeding and improvement in MIR

    Gender and Sport

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    This volume covers current issues, cutting-edge debates and new knowledge on women and sport. The range of topics extends from female coaches and women in sport to sexual harassment, from snowboarders to schoolgirls, and from physical education to football. The aim of this book is to provide an overview of the current debates on gender and sport from a women’s perspective, to share new knowledge about important issues, in particular about gender (in)equalities, and to present insights into the causes and effects of the debates and developments in the arena of women’s sport. A special focus in all chapters will be on the perspective of change, and backgrounds, reasons and effects of gender arrangements will be analyzed by scholars who made major contributions to the development of a new gender order in sport and society. Other authors are younger scholars with new perspectives and approaches – who represent the new generation of gender researchers