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    The Australian internet security initiative: interviews with industry participants

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    Based on interviews with participants in the AISI, this report reveals how the AISI is valued and the important role it plays in how internet service providers manage malware. Executive summary The Australian Internet Security Initiative (AISI) is a program operated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) to help AISI participants address the problem of computing devices that are ‘compromised’ by malware (or malicious software). Malware infections enable cyber criminals and state-sponsored actors to steal personal and sensitive information from these devices and control them remotely for illegal or harmful purposes, without the users’ knowledge. These infections often undertake activities that cause harm to other internet users, including the mass distribution of spam, hosting of phishing sites and facilitation of identity theft.   When this research was undertaken, there were 137 AISI members — including 18 universities — participating in the AISI program. These members receive daily AISI reports identifying internet protocol (IP) addresses on their networks observed as having malware infections. Members can use the information in the reports to identify the relevant customer or user with the malware infected computing device and help that customer or user to resolve the problem.   The ACMA introduced an online AISI portal in 2014 that provides access to more information on malware incidents associated with individual IP addresses than is contained in the daily  AISI email reports. AISI members can download their AISI data directly from the portal to either complement or replace the data received in the daily AISI email

    Weill Cornell graduate school honors Avery August

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    This news item in the Cornell Chronicle is about: Avery August, professor of immunology and chair of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology in the College of Veterinary Medicine, was awarded the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences Distinguished Alumnus Award May 27

    Largest dog genetic study informs human diseases

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    The news item from the Cornell Chronicle is about: Cornell researchers have completed the largest genetic study of dogs to date, comprising the genetic analysis of 4,200 dogs. The study investigated 180,000 genetic markers, DNA sequences with a known physical location on a chromosome. Such markers can help link an inherited disease with the responsible gene

    Surface mutation lets canine parvovirus jump to other species

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    The news item from the Cornell Chronicle is about: Canine parvovirus, or CPV, emerged as a deadly threat to dogs in the late 1970s, most likely the result of the direct transfer of feline panleukopenia or a similar virus from domesticated cats. CPV has since spread to wild forest-dwelling animals, including raccoons, and the transfer of the virus from domesticated to wild carnivores has been something of a mystery

    New Baker Institute director inspired by Cornell

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    The news item from the Cornell Chronicle is about: When he accepted the position as director of the Baker Institute for Animal Health in Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Luis M. Schang had a tenured faculty position at one of Canada’s most prestigious universities, a thriving research program and a fulfilling role in educating the next generation of scientists

    Stonehill Alumni Magazine Summer/Fall 1996

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    This issue of the magazine includes the following features: Paula Sullivan: A Stonehill Legend. Paula Sullivan retired this spring after twenty--five years of coaching women\u27s basketball at Stonehill and is now the College\u27s new Director of Athletics. by Karen D. O\u27Malley Reunion Weekend 1996: Photos tell the story of this year\u27s very enjoyable Reunion Weekend on campus. Commencement 1996: Professor Chet Raymo delivered the Commencement address before more than 550 baccalaureate degree recipients of the Class of 1996. Stonehill In The News: Stonehill is gaining more media attention each year and this collage of newsclips gives magazine readers a glimpse of some of the most recent media hits. Stonehill Alumni Magazine ... A Look Back Through the Issues: A retrospective of the Stonehill Alumni Magazine. Stonehill College Briefing: A look at the progress of Securing the Vision: The Campaign for Stonehill\u27s Future.https://soar.stonehill.edu/alumnimagazine/1034/thumbnail.jp
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