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    What Difference Has Feminism Made to Engineering in the 20th Century?

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    Until the last quarter of the twentieth century women have been very scarce in engineering, so the impact of feminism on engineering might seem like a topic with a very short history. However, somewhat broader definitions of feminism and of engineering bring to light very significant influences of the women’s reform movement of the first half of the twentieth century on industrial and municipal engineering. I first conceptualized this influence as women pushing for regulation that in turn transformed engineering. But as I went deeper into the material I discovered a tremendous amount of travel over the line between reformer and expert

    Barriers to the Implementation of Project Lead the Way as Perceived by Indiana High School Principals

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    The history of educating youth for a career is as old as humanity. Without older generations passing on vital knowledge to younger generations humans would long ago have vanished from the Earth. As the ages progressed and careers became more specialized, career specific education followed. As the Industrial Revolution dawned there were apprenticeship programs for students who wanted to learn a specific skill or trade. Eventually, many of the programs that trained students for a skill or trade found their way into conventional high schools. In America, it was at the high school level where the training of students for a general industrial and technical career began (Scott & Sarkees-Wircenski, 2001). Industrial and technical training became a part of many schools ' curriculum, but it had many monikers including: manual arts, industrial education (IE), industrial arts (IA), industrial technology (IT), and finally the name by which it is known today, technology education (TE). TE has come to encompass many facets of curriculum, ranging from IA to integrating problem-solving and engineering concepts into the curriculum. For technology educators who have chosen the pre-engineering problem-solving route there is a curriculum calle
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