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    Reducing the net torque and flow ripple effects of multiple hydraulic piston motor drives

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    The torque and flow ripple effects which result when multiple hydraulic motors are used to drive a single motion of a mechanical device can significantly affect the way in which the device performs. This article presents a mathematical model describing the torque and flow ripple effects of a bent-axis hydraulic piston motor. The model is used to show how the ripple magnitude can be reduced when multiple motors are used to drive a motion. A discussion of the hydraulic servo system of the 70-m antennas located with the Deep Space Network is included to demonstrate the application of the concepts presented

    Hydraulic cylinder

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    Tato bakal√°Ňôsk√° pr√°ce se zab√Ĺv√° hydromotory a jejich rozdńõlen√≠m. D√°le se vńõnuje pŇô√≠mońćar√Ĺm hydromotorŇĮm, jejich rozdńõlen√≠, ńć√°stem, ze kter√Ĺch se skl√°d√°, a tak√© jejich vyuŇĺit√≠m. DŇĮleŇĺitou souńć√°st√≠ hydromotorŇĮ jsou tak√© pevnostn√≠ v√Ĺpońćty, kter√© jsou v pr√°ci tak√© uvedeny. Pr√°ce obsahuje matematick√Ĺ model pro v√Ĺpońćet vlastn√≠ch frekvenc√≠ pŇô√≠mońćar√Ĺch hydromotorŇĮ.This bachelor thesis deals with the hydraulic motors and their distribution. It also deals linear hydraulic motors, their distribution, parts of which are composed, and their use. An important part of the hydraulic motors are strength analysis, which are also listed in this thesis. The bachelor thesis includes a mathematical model for natural frequuencies solution of linear hydraulic motors.

    Small hydraulic turbine drives

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    Turbine, driven by the fluid being pumped, requires no external controls, is completely integrated into the flow system, and has bearings which utilize the main fluid for lubrication and cooling. Torque capabilities compare favorably with those developed by positive displacement hydraulic motors

    Research and development of on board control systems and elements for aerospace vehicles

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    Onboard control systems and elements for aerospace vehicles - signal noise in fluid amplifier, hydraulic and pneumatic stepping motors, fluid transmission line dynamics, analog computer circuits, electric servomotor, and closed cycle

    The Hydraulic Infinite Linear Actuator ‚Äď properties relevant for control

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    Rotational hydraulic actuators, e.g. motors, provide infinite stroke as there is no conceptual limit to how far they can turn. By contrast linear hydraulic actuators like cylinders provide only limited stroke by concept. In the world of electrical drives, linear motors provide infinite stroke also for linear motion. In hydraulics, the presented Hydraulic Infinite Linear Actuator is a novelty. This paper presents the novel Hydraulic Infinite Linear Actuator (HILA). The contribution is an assessment of properties relevant for control like high hydraulic stiffness and is based on analysis, simulation and measurements

    Hydraulic system provides smooth control of large tracking and antenna drive systems at very low tracking rates

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    Hydraulic system provides smooth control of large tracking and antenna drive systems at very low tracking rates. This configuration modifies a series connection of the drive motors with compensating orifices to offset the effects of drain line loss. Linearization of response by eliminating cogging or cyclic operation is thus obtained

    Technologies and Innovations for Hydraulic Pumps

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    Positive displacement machines working as hydraulic pumps or hydraulic motors have always been, are and will be an essential part of any hydraulic system. Current trends and future demands on energy efficient systems will not only drastically increase the number of positive displacement machines needed for modern efficient hydraulic circuits but will significantly change the performance requirements of pumps and motors. Throttleless system configurations will change the landscape of hydraulic actuation in aerospace, mobile machines, automotive and many other areas and will definitely open the door for new applications due to its enhanced competitiveness with electric and electro-mechanical systems

    Anti-backlash circuit for hydraulic drive system Patent

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    Antibacklash circuit for hydraulic drive syste
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