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    The Art of Humorous Song: Examining Humorous Songs Through the Lens of Selected Song Sets

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    The Art of Humorous Song: Examining Humorous Songs Through the Lens of Selected Song Set

    Rodgers and Hart

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    This musical celebration contains some sixty songs selected from the hundreds written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart for their Broadway musicals and films. The songs are woven together in a tight and tasteful fashion so that the entertainment never lags. Sentimental standards like “Where or When,” “Blue Moon” and “With a Song in My Heart” are followed by the humorous twists of “To Keep My Love Alive” or the wry comments of “Give It Back to the Indians.”https://digitalcommons.otterbein.edu/summer_production_1981/1001/thumbnail.jp

    The use of the lyric in Shakespearean drama

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    Thesis (M.A.)--Boston University, 1929. This item was digitized by the Internet Archive

    'Throttle College'? Ted Hughes's Cambridge Poetry

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    Ted Hughes often characterised his time at Cambridge as uninspiring and unproductive. Yet this article is the first scholarly study to examine the surviving work that Hughes produced while he was a student. I publish a student poem of Hughes's for the first time, and deploy highly innovative, original archival work from the Cambridge University Library and British Library to show that Hughes was reading voraciously and writing prolifically while he was at University. I demonstrate how early work by Hughes was remarkably prescient of his later, collected poems

    The Influence of Latvian Folk Music on Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Solo Trumpet Repertoire in the Works of Maija Einfelde and Romualds Kalsons

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    This paper concerns two major Latvian composers, Maija Einfelde and Romualds Kalsons, and how their trumpet works embrace Latvian heritage in the form of folk songs. It includes brief biographies of the composers and describes how they use folk songs in each work. Einfelde's Kleine Ballade is more serious and menacing, being a description of young men going into war and not returning home. On the other hand there is Kalsons with his more optimistic approach to folk songs with much more transparent writing in his Six Latvian Folksong Arrangements. He takes a similar approach in his work commissioned for this paper A Dialogue Between Trumpet and Piano; it has plenty of humorous moments, yet there is also a serious side to it and with beautiful integration of the folk song into the work. These three Latvian works based on folk songs are demonstrated to be worthy entrants into the repertory for trumpet and piano

    Hogg, Ettrick and oral tradition

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    James Hogg

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    No abstract available

    Enregisterment, commodification and historical context: "Geordie" versus "Sheffieldish"

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    This article examines a range of texts from nineteenth-century Newcastle and Sheffield, both in the north of England, to demonstrate how the urban dialects of these cities, known respectively as "Geordie" and "Sheffieldish," became enregistered in this period. Features that were actually more widespread in the north of England and in Scotland were "claimed" as unique to each of these new urban dialects, and in each case, a repertoire of features emerged that continues to be cited and indeed used by speakers and writers today, albeit often in performative contexts. The article goes on to consider how awareness of a distinct "Geordie" accent/dialect arrived much earlier and became more widespread than that of "Sheffieldish" and how this is reflected in the commodification of the former but not the latter