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    Automatic Electrical Appliances Control Panel Based on Infrared and Wi-Fi: A Framework for Electrical Energy Conservation

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    -Today, proprietary home automation targets very specific applications which operate mostly on a cable based infrastructure. In contrast to that, our implementation builds on a wireless platform for the automatic control of house hold electrical appliances. The nodes gather sensor readings in a home and transmit them to a central automation server. There, the readings are matched against a list of script statements. When there is a match, a specific action is performed. An important property of the system is that the control of all home appliances is done by means of the ubiquitous Infrared and Wi-Fi wireless technologies. This way, the co-operation between manufacturers is not a necessity in order to connect devices to the home automation network

    Combining Bluetooth Mesh and KNX : the best of both worlds

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    Bluetooth Mesh (BT Mesh) is a promising wireless technology for building automation. At the same time, KNX is a well-established building automation system that has a vast installed base. Specifically, the strength of KNX lies in its proven semantic models. These models are the foundation for interoperability and the implementation of larger systems. The presented project demonstrates how a user can easily connect a new BT Mesh system to a well-established, wired KNX building automation system. Notably, the project achieves this through a self-developed stateless gateway, which allows controlling BT Mesh devices from the KNX network and vice versa. As a result, it is possible to leverage existing management systems from KNX building automation systems in BT Mesh networks. Furthermore, the project validates this concept using Home Assistant, a well- known open-source home automation platform and demonstrates, that heterogeneous KNX and BT Mesh systems are feasible


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    Home automation offers convenience in enhancing the quality of life. Its specialty in having centralized control system with capability to solve complex problems in controlling and monitoring home environment and appliances draws the attention of the researchers and home industries to create home automation products with consideration of many aspects such as low cost home automation system, easy access system and etc. The implementation type of home automation system can be either wired or wireless. The wired types are power line and wired home automation while wireless home automation comes with different technologies. The technologies used in wireless home automation such as Wi-Fi, Infrared (IR), Bluetooth, Zigbee and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM). Each of these technologies offers advantages in term of flexibility and reliability but limited to their communication range