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    High performance astrophysics computing

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    The application of high end computing to astrophysical problems, mainly in the galactic environment, is under development since many years at the Dep. of Physics of Sapienza Univ. of Roma. The main scientific topic is the physics of self gravitating systems, whose specific subtopics are: i) celestial mechanics and interplanetary probe transfers in the solar system; ii) dynamics of globular clusters and of globular cluster systems in their parent galaxies; iii) nuclear clusters formation and evolution; iv) massive black hole formation and evolution; v) young star cluster early evolution. In this poster we describe the software and hardware computational resources available in our group and how we are developing both software and hardware to reach the scientific aims above itemized.Comment: 2 pages paper presented at the Conference "Advances in Computational Astrophysics: methods, tools and outcomes", to be published in the ASP Conference Series, 2012, vol. 453, R. Capuzzo-Dolcetta, M. Limongi and A. Tornambe' ed

    High Energy Physics from High Performance Computing

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    We discuss Quantum Chromodynamics calculations using the lattice regulator. The theory of the strong force is a cornerstone of the Standard Model of particle physics. We present USQCD collaboration results obtained on Argonne National Lab's Intrepid supercomputer that deepen our understanding of these fundamental theories of Nature and provide critical support to frontier particle physics experiments and phenomenology.Comment: Proceedings of invited plenary talk given at SciDAC 2009, San Diego, June 14-18, 2009, on behalf of the USQCD collaboratio

    Microsoft institute for high performance computing

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    An overview of the Microsoft Institute for High Performance Computing at the University of Southampto

    High performance computing and communications program

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    A review of the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) program is provided in vugraph format. The goals and objectives of this federal program are as follows: extend U.S. leadership in high performance computing and computer communications; disseminate the technologies to speed innovation and to serve national goals; and spur gains in industrial competitiveness by making high performance computing integral to design and production
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