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    Maximising parent involvement in the pedestrian safety of 4 to 6 year old children: Final report

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    In Australia pedestrian injury is the leading specific cause of death among 5-9 year old children, and pedestrian injuries among 0-14 year old children in 1999-20000 were the second highest cause of hospitalisation. This mortality and morbidity can be attributed largely to unsafe road environments and under 10 year old children\u27s significant deficits in cognitive and perceptual abilities when crossing roads. For all children under 10 years learning to cross the road needs to be taught by parents in the same way that children learn to swim i.e. under close adult supervision and in the \u27real\u27 environment where the skills can be adequately practised, through discovery and problem solving, at their own pace and with positive feedback from a caring adult..

    Health improvement and health promotion education of undergraduate radiographers in a Scottish HEI.

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    Health Professionals (AHPs) (including radiographers) have been identified as a key workforce to improve and promote the health and wellbeing of the UK population by 'making every contact count (MECC)'

    Evaluation Report of the Pilot Phase of Project Renew

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    Quang Tri is one of the provinces in Vietnam that suffered from severe devastation during the Vietnam war. The province bore great losses in terms of human and material resources due to landmines and unexploded ordnances. The \u27Restoring the use of lands to Vietnamese through Education and Neutralisation of the effects of the war\u27 (RENEW) project was a product of the partnership between the Quang Tri department of Foreign Affairs and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. It was implemented from August 2001 to December 2003 in one pilot district in the province. This evaluation was conducted after two years of co-operation between the international organisation and the local government

    Main findings and Recommendations

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    This study aimed to enhance the evidence base on health promotion issues related to minority ethnic groups, refugees/asylum seekers and Gypsy Travellers in Wales. The study objectives were to: identify gaps in the existing evidence base of health needs and health promotion issues for the study groups identify existing good practice of health services and promotion for the study groups explore ways of delivering health promotion policy/programmes targeting these groups in a culturally and socially sensitive manner, and to identify issues for further research

    Qualitative study of pilot payment aimed at increasing general practitioners' antismoking advice to smokers

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    OBJECTIVES: To elicit general practitioners' and practice nurses' accounts of changes in their clinical practice or practice organisation made to claim a pilot health promotion payment. To describe attitudes towards the piloted and previous health promotion payments. DESIGN: Qualitative, semistructured interview study. SETTING: 13 general practices in Leicester. PARTICIPANTS: 18 general practitioners and 13 practice nurses. RESULTS: Health professionals did not report substantially changing their clinical practice to claim the new payments and made only minimal changes in practice organisation. The new health promotion payment did not overcome general practitioners' resistance towards raising the issue of smoking when they felt that doing so could cause confrontation with patients. General practitioners who made the largest number of claims altered the way in which they recorded patients' smoking status rather than raising the topic of smoking more frequently with patients. Participants had strong negative views on die new payment, feeling it would also be viewed negatively by patients. They were, however, more positive about health promotion payments that rewarded "extra" effort-for example, setting up practice based smoking cessation clinics. CONCLUSIONS: General practitioners and practice nurses were negative about a new health promotion payment, despite agreeing to pilot it. Health promotion payments do not automatically generate effective health promotion activity, and policymakers should consider careful piloting and evaluation of future changes in health promotion payments

    Pengaruh Promosi Kesehatan Tentang Kehamilan Tidak Diinginkan Terhadap Tingkat Pengetahuan Dan Sikap Remaja Di Sma Sandika

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    Background: Adolescents at the age of 13-20 years begin to recognize the opposite sex and there is a desire to fulfill their sexual needs, so that it can cause unwanted pregnancy. The prevalence of unwanted pregnancies in the world in 2012 was 85%. So the need for health promotion in schools is necessary. Objective: To determine the effect of health promotion on unwanted pregnancy on the level of knowledge and attitudes of adolescents at Sandika High School. Method: This study used the one group pretest-posttest design with Pre Experimental Design technique, the number of samples was 84 respondents with the Cluster Random Sampling technique. Bivariate analysis uses the Wilcoxon Test. Results: The number of respondents was more than 17 years old 41 (48,8%), male gender 42 (50,0%) dan female 42 (50,0%) responden. Level of knowledge of adolescents before health promotion more knowledge level both 53 (63,1%) and after health promotion more the level of good knowledge as much as 73 (86,9%) respondents, more attitudes of adolescents before being given moderate attitude health promotion as many as 49 (58,3%) respondents and after being given health promotion more moderate attitudes as many as 64 (76,2 %) respondents. the influence of the level of knowledge before and after health promotion with a p value = 0.001, which means that there is an effect of health promotion about unwanted pregnancy on the level of knowledge of adolescents There are attitudinal influences before and after health promotion with p value = 0.001 which means there is an influence about unwanted pregnancy towards adolescent attitudes. Suggestion: Hold collaboration with health centers in improving the system of adolescent reproductive system healt
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