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    The Lumberjack, May 04, 1988

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    The student newspaper of Humboldt State University.https://digitalcommons.humboldt.edu/studentnewspaper/3142/thumbnail.jp

    The Phoenix, Vol. XVIII, No. 2 (December 8, 1954)

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    Spartan Daily, January 14, 1959

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    Volume 46, Issue 63https://scholarworks.sjsu.edu/spartandaily/3842/thumbnail.jp

    Spartan Daily, December 9, 1969

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    Volume 57, Issue 50https://scholarworks.sjsu.edu/spartandaily/5199/thumbnail.jp

    Gripped by the Drum: The Inspiring Artistry of Master Percussionist Kim Byeong Seop in the Korean Tradition of Nongak

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    All recordings are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 License (CC BY-NC 4.0). Audio Recording 1: Udogut Nongak at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, April 23, 1977 (Selection Featuring Gaeinjanggunori). Performance by Kim Byeong Seop and his Udo Nongak Troupe. Recorded by Edward R. Canda. Used by Permission. Audio Recording 2: Pangut (Hapdong Nongak) and Gaeinjanggunori at Fulbright House, Seoul, May 16, 1977. Recorded by Edward R. Canda. Used by Permission. Video Recording 1: Gaeinjanggunori and Pangut (Hapdong Nongak) at Namsan Mountain Park, Seoul, May 14, 1976. Performance by Kim Byeong Seop and Christine Loken on janggu. Recorded by Christine Loken (later named Loken-Kim). Used by Permission. Video Recording 2 (9 parts): Kim Byeong Seop Sol Janggu Instructional Videos. Recorded in his Studio, Seoul: October and November, 1985. Performances by Kim Byeong Seop and his Students. Recorded by Mary Jo Freshley. Nine recordings Used by Permission. Video Recording 3 (9 parts): Kim Byeong Seop and Group Performing in Sannae, Byeonsan Myeon: November 23 and 24, 1985. Performances by Kim Byeong Seop, His Students and Nongak Troupe. Recorded by Mary Jo Freshley. Nine recordings Used by Permission. Video Recording 4: Performance by Edward R. Canda. Korean Cultural Festival at the University of Kansas: July 19, 2008. Recorded by staff of the Korean Cultural Festival at the University of Kansas. Used by Permission.This book presents an introduction to the Korean tradition of nongak (농악), which is a form of group percussion and dance performance rooted in agricultural lifestyle and shamanistic/animistic worldview. It is based on my research and experience as a former student of Kim Byeong Seop (1921-1987), who was a renowned and nationally awarded expert performer, innovator, and teacher of this music tradition. He is especially esteemed for his prowess as a lead janggu hourglass drum performer in group percussion and dance and as an innovator in solo janggu performance. He has been described as possibly the most highly profiled lead janggu (장구) drum performer of modern history. Master Kim grew up and learned nongak in the rural context of North Jeolla Province and later became a nationally prominent performer and teacher based in Seoul. His masterful artistry continues to inspire performers and researchers to this day. This book presents a detailed introduction to his cultural context, life story, and teaching style plus his inspirational impact on my life. My primary purpose in writing this book is to honor my teacher, his legacy, and the tradition he represented. He had encouraged me to spread knowledge and appreciation of nongak. Accordingly, my second purpose is to make freely available information, documents, photographs, and audio and video recordings related to Master Kim’s teaching and performance style in order to support the study and continuation of his musical legacy


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    I. INTRODUCTION II. THE EARLY BEGINNINGS First Facilities First Physical Training Emergence of a Physical Training Department Early Instruction Expanded Facilities Final Activities Prior to Establishment of the Professional Program Performances Extra-curricular Activities III. FIRST YEARS OF THE PROFESSIONAL DEPARTMENT, 1898-1924 Personnel Departmental Organization Facilities Program for the General Student The First Professional Physical Education Courses Teachers College Curriculum and Requirements for the Physical Education Major Extra-curricu1ar Activities IV. THE YEARS OF MISS MABEL LEE\u27S DIRECTORSHIP, 1924-1952 Personnel Departmental Organization Facilities Philosophy Programs for the General Student Curriculum and Requirements for the Physical Education Major Organizations Departmental Activities V. SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS BIBLIOGRAPH

    Cultural Mosaic : Lewiston - Auburn

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    Pacific Weekly, October 24, 1947

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