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    An Evaluation of Water Quality Trading for Georgia Watersheds

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    Water quality trading is a policy tool that could improve the cost effectiveness of achieving environmental goals, but it is not currently used in the state of Georgia. This research seeks to evaluate the applicability of water quality trading in Georgia watersheds. This report provides an update on the status of current research on water quality trading conducted through a collaboration of the Georgia Water Policy and Planning Center, the Georgia State University Andrew Young School of Public Policy, and the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forest Resources. Working Paper Number 2005-00

    From roses to bullets: the rise and decline of post-Soviet colour revolutions

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    The chapter explores the reasons for the colour revolutions’ successes and failures in the post-Soviet space. The article starts with an overview on the colour movement from the first stirrings to the present day. We then propose criteria that will be applied to our analysis, constructed on five variables. The factual analysis of individual countries that follows is built around these five variables

    Quality of Georgia's Pre-Kindergarten Program, 1997-98 School Year

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    During the 1996-97 and 1997-98 school years, the Council for School Performance and the Applied Research Center of Georgia State University conducted an evaluation of the lottery-funded Georgia Prekindergarten Program. Using data collected through classroom site visits and surveys of teachers in those classrooms, this evaluation compares the quality of classrooms from one year to the next, looks at the relationship between teachers' beliefs and classroom quality, and provides information about the Georgia Prekindergarten Program's teachers and their classrooms

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