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    Burma Independence Act, 1947.

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    Valuation of Stocks for Excess Profits Duty

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    Anno regni Gulielmi III ... decimo; King William's Act; Act to encourage the trade to Newfoundland

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    An Act to Incourage the Trade to NewfoundlandCommonly called King William's Ac

    Water supplies in the field : notes for medical officers

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    Detailed, and descriptive instructions for the sourcing, testing and decontamination of water during active service in the field

    Declaration of the War of 1812

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    Declaration of the war of 1812; declaration is dated January 9th, 1813; London Gazette, January 9th-12th, 1813; no. 16691; includes other miscellaneous notices.https://scholar.uwindsor.ca/swoda-windsor-region/1086/thumbnail.jp
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