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    Application of calibration masks to TV vidicon tube

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    Photographic application method devised for overlaying test pattern masks on TV camera vidicon tubes prints the mask within 0.0076 cm of the vertical and horizontal center lines of the tube face. Entire process, including mask fabrication and alignment procedure, requires less than 10 minutes

    Pandemic Face Mask

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    Several improvements to face mask technology facilitate very high protection for both the mask wearer and for the general public

    Photocatalytic Face Mask

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    Methods of destroying toxic volatile air-borne toxins are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, a piece of formaldehyde laden substrate(wood) such as paneling and furniture is treated with TiO.sub.2 solution to form a thin and translucent veneer on the surface. This layer acts like a membrane preventing outward transport of formaldehyde and other harmful compounds produced by weatherization and natural degradation of the substrate. In a prefered embodiment the photocatalytic destruction of formaldehyde is achieved. Other toxins destroyed include terpenes and other types of toxic volatile organic compounds(VOCs). While the prefered embodiment is applied to wood based supports such as paneling and furniture, the invention has applicability for other surfaces such as caskets and roof shingles. For example, the TiO.sub.2 coating can be used on flexible paper type face masks in order to destroy air-borne toxic compounds such as formaldehyde and the like that are used in medical environment

    Face mask removal time of four face mask extrication devices

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