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    Rate and etiology reasons of educational failure among student of Ardabil University of medical science in 2006-2007

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    Introduction: The problem of educational failure in student of medical sciences has been an important concern, because it can lead to a low efficacy in medical sciences staff in the future. This study was performed to determine the incidence and etiology of medical sciences students’ educational failure in medical sciences students of Ardabil University of Medical Sciences. Material & Methods : This case –control study was carried out on 938 medical sciences students, studying in Ardabil University of Medical Sciences in 2006-2007. The students’ average score in 2 consequent educational terms were evaluated. All of the students who have at least one term with average score less than 12 or two consequent terms with average score less than 14 or more than two score drop in average score of latter term in comparison with previous term defined as students with education failure. For each of these students we selected 2 controls among the best average same class with. A questionnaire made from focus group discussion with some of the case and controls were completed in them. The data analysis was performed with Chi-square, Fischer exact test and Odds Ratio. Results: In total938 students were evaluated 38 of whom had educational failure. Annual incidence of educational failure was 0.04. Demographic characteristics and study information were collected by a valid questionnaire. The was X% participation rate ( ) in the students having study failure componed to the y% in those without students of laboratory sciences had the highest rate of failure (19%) followed by obstetrics (11%) and medical sciences(8.9%). Several other factors had caused study failure which are; Not being native , educational level of father , awareness from future of job, loss of motivation and non irregular studying were recognized as the most important factors for educational failure in this university. The Odds Ratio of educational failure was 4.28(1.3-13.7) in “irregular studying”, 3.03(1.1-8) in “motivation loss”, 3.6(1.36-9.56) in “not being native”, and 0.32(0.13-0.78) in “, awareness from future of job”. In own sigh of unsuccessful students, the most common effective factor for education failure was affective personal problems. daily a located studies time , finaly average of diploma score, quantity of studding in a day, monthly family visit had significant effect on educational failure Conclusion : The educational failure was mostly related to the with personal and social problems. The low average score of high school diploma, not being native, awareness from future in job, loss of motivation, irregular studying and affective personal problems were found to be most important factors for educational failure in Ardabil university. Establishment of a committee to monitor educational progress and providing counseling services are recommended education failure monitoring changing the method of acceptance, using educational counseling, are recommende

    The use of learning management platforms in school context - a national study

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    This report results from a national study carried out under the Project “Educational application of learning management platforms”, supported and funded by the Computers, Networks, and Internet in Schools department of the Portuguese Ministry of Education- General Directorate for Innovation and Educational Development. This report has been developed by the ICT Competence Centre of the Faculty of Sciences- University of Lisbon, during the school year 2007/2008

    Educating Enough Competent Health Professionals: Advancing Educational Innovation at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Tanzania.

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    Sarah MacFarlane and colleagues share their lessons engaging in educational reform and faculty development with the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences in Tanzania and the University of California San Francisco

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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    Found in Princess Anne, MD, UMES offers students the opportunity to earn a BS in Marine Science and/or an MS in several disciplines of Marine Sciences. A five year program is also available where students graduate with a BS and MS in Marine Sciences. Educational levels: High school, Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division