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    Women, identity and employment in East Germany

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    This book chapter was reproduced with the kind permission of Continuum books.This book chapter discusses Marxist feminism and female employment in the GDR, current attitudes to employment amongst East German women, and pre-unification versus post-unification factors and their impact on identity formation

    Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717): Pioneering Naturalist, Artist, and Inspiration for Catesby

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    Book Summary: While accessible to the interested general reader, it is a technical standard that is usable academically. Containing significant new information, this work is the most comprehensive and accurate book written about Catesby and is the legacy of the Catesby Commemorative Trust’s Mark Catesby Tercentennial symposium held in 2012. Chapter Summary: Merian\u27s books on European and Surinamese insects and plants provided new models for representing nature that were echoed in the work of artists and naturalists working in the eighteenth century and beyond. This chapter discusses how Mark Catesby, the subject of the book, was particularly influenced by Merian

    Are you a vulture? Reflecting on the ethics and aesthetics of atrocity coverage and its aftermath

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    This book chapter examines key ethical questions for documentary film-makers and photographers when creating work in the aftermath of atrocity. It draws on practitoner reflections, from founding Magnum photographer George Rodger's Holocaust aftermath imagery to the author's reflections when photographing the aftermath of caste-based murders in India. The photography and reflections based on it (featured in the book chapter) have been featured at ICA conference 'The Histories of Hatred' and accompanying DVD

    Addressing the Challenges in Federating Edge Resources

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    This book chapter considers how Edge deployments can be brought to bear in a global context by federating them across multiple geographic regions to create a global Edge-based fabric that decentralizes data center computation. This is currently impractical, not only because of technical challenges, but is also shrouded by social, legal and geopolitical issues. In this chapter, we discuss two key challenges - networking and management in federating Edge deployments. Additionally, we consider resource and modeling challenges that will need to be addressed for a federated Edge.Comment: Book Chapter accepted to the Fog and Edge Computing: Principles and Paradigms; Editors Buyya, Sriram

    Neutrosophic Rings

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    This book has four chapters. Chapter one is introductory in nature, for it recalls some basic definitions essential to make the book a self-contained one. Chapter two, introduces for the first time the new notion of neutrosophic rings and some special neutrosophic rings like neutrosophic ring of matrix and neutrosophic polynomial rings. Chapter three gives some new classes of neutrosophic rings like group neutrosophic rings,neutrosophic group neutrosophic rings, semigroup neutrosophic rings, S-semigroup neutrosophic rings which can be realized as a type of extension of group rings or generalization of group rings. Study of these structures will throw light on the research on the algebraic structure of group rings. Chapter four is entirely devoted to the problems on this new topic, which is an added attraction to researchers. A salient feature of this book is that it gives 246 problems in Chapter four. Some of the problems are direct and simple, some little difficult and some can be taken up as a research problem.Comment: 154 page