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    Elearning Application Design Computer Tutorial Based Website Using Php & Mysql

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    Along with the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)which grew rapidly and needs someone to obtain information on expected the sooner.Computer as one tool producer of information, makes the existence of these toolsbecomes important. To support the computer as producing information requiredmeans of learning for computer science itself.Therefore the writer feels it will be necessary means of electronic learning(eLearning) to meet the information needs of computer science. With this application,eLearning Computer-based tutorials website someone who needs information can getcomputer science quickly without limitation of time and place. With this simplicity isexpected can increase the quantity and quality of a person in the development oftechnology existing information

    The first business computer: a case study in user-driven innovation

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    In 1949, the world's first business computer application was rolled out. The host for the application was a British catering and food-manufacturing company, which had developed and built its own computer, designed for business data processing. The author traces the endeavour's history and presents an analysis of how and why the company-J. Lyons & Co.-was in a natural position to take on the challenge, the precursor of the information revolution we see toda

    An examination into the role of knowledge management and computer security in organizations

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    Organisations develop their computer security procedures based on external guidelines such as ISO 17799 with very little provision to incorporate organisational knowledge in their security procedures. While these external guidelines make recommendations as to how an organisation should develop and implement best practices in computer security they often fail to provide a mechanism that links the security process to the organisational knowledge. The result is that often, security policies, procedures and controls are implemented that are neither strong nor consistent with the organisation's objectives. This study has examined the role of Knowledge Management in organisational Computer Security in 19 Australian SMEs. The study has determined that although the role of knowledge management in organisational computer security is currently limited, there appears to be evidence to argue that the application of knowledge management systems to organisational computer security development and management processes will considerably enhance performance and reduce costs. The study supports that future research is warranted to focus on how existing computer security standards and practices can be improved to allow for a stronger integration with organisational knowledge through the application of knowledge management systems

    Ambient Gestures

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    We present Ambient Gestures, a novel gesture-based system designed to support ubiquitous ‘in the environment’ interactions with everyday computing technology. Hand gestures and audio feedback allow users to control computer applications without reliance on a graphical user interface, and without having to switch from the context of a non-computer task to the context of the computer. The Ambient Gestures system is composed of a vision recognition software application, a set of gestures to be processed by a scripting application and a navigation and selection application that is controlled by the gestures. This system allows us to explore gestures as the primary means of interaction within a multimodal, multimedia environment. In this paper we describe the Ambient Gestures system, define the gestures and the interactions that can be achieved in this environment and present a formative study of the system. We conclude with a discussion of our findings and future applications of Ambient Gestures in ubiquitous computing

    Master control data handling program uses automatic data input

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    General purpose digital computer program is applicable for use with analysis programs that require basic data and calculated parameters as input. It is designed to automate input data preparation for flight control computer programs, but it is general enough to permit application in other areas

    Automatic computer subprogram selection from application-program libraries - ALTLIB

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    General purpose computer program for access and use of alternate library file with minimum programming effort by user is described. Manner in which program is implemented after determining external requirements is analyzed. Program was developed for use with CDC-6400 computer

    Modeling and Analysis of Power Processing Systems (MAPPS). Volume 1: Technical report

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    Computer aided design and analysis techniques were applied to power processing equipment. Topics covered include: (1) discrete time domain analysis of switching regulators for performance analysis; (2) design optimization of power converters using augmented Lagrangian penalty function technique; (3) investigation of current-injected multiloop controlled switching regulators; and (4) application of optimization for Navy VSTOL energy power system. The generation of the mathematical models and the development and application of computer aided design techniques to solve the different mathematical models are discussed. Recommendations are made for future work that would enhance the application of the computer aided design techniques for power processing systems