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    The outlook, policy choices and our mandate

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    Remarks at the at the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Fall Conference, City University of New York, Graduate School of Journalism, New York City.Recessions ; Federal Reserve System ; Monetary policy ; Consumption (Economics) ; Housing - Finance ; Employment ; Mortgages ; Consumer behavior ; Housing - Prices ; Households - Economic aspects ; Saving and investment ; Credit ; Small business - Finance ; Inflation (Finance) ; Federal Open Market Committee ; Government spending policy ; Interest rates ; Bernanke, Ben S.

    A limited focus? Journalism, politics, and the celtic tiger

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    Financial news journalism: a post-Enron analysis of approaches towards economic and financial news production in the UK

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    The collapse of Enron and other corporate scandals have raised concerns about the efficacy of financial journalism. Based on research on where reporters get their ideas for stories and how they approach their work, this article explores the particular circumstances in which production of financial and economic news takes place. The author argues that, while reporters are generally highly sceptical about ‘spin’ and strongly inclined towards highlighting instances of corporate underperformance and mismanagement, the circumstances and constraints they work within nonetheless make it unlikely that financial irregularities obscured within company accounts will be detected on a routine or consistent basis. Moreover, the way in which the commercial sector is organized (with in-depth analysis generally confined to specialist media whose audiences are already financially literate) means that the task of facilitating a sound public grasp over the significance of financial and economic news developments is largely being neglected

    Análisis de las características del periodismo económico en el tratamiento informativo del suplemento de economía y negocios Emprendedores (2009)

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    RESUMEN En la actualidad, los temas de economía, finanzas y negocios han dejado de ser exclusivos de los especialistas en el sector para interesar al público en general. Por eso, los medios especializados en economía de la prensa escrita deben tener un tratamiento informativo, independientemente de su estilo, acorde con las características del periodismo económico: cuanto más claro, didáctico y utilitario sea, tendrán una mejor comunicación con su público. La presente investigación aporta información específica sobre la presencia de las características del periodismo económico en el estilo del tratamiento informativo de las publicaciones especializadas en economía, a partir del caso del suplemento de economía y negocios Emprendedores del diario La Industria de Trujillo, Perú.ABSTRACT Nowadays, economics, finance and business are no longer exclusive to specialists in this subjects but it’s in the general public’s interest. For this reason, the specialized media in the written press must have an informative treatment, regardless of their style, according to the characteristics of business journalism: the clearer, didactic and utilitarian, they will have a better communication with their public. The present research focuses on providing specific information about the characteristics of business journalism in the style of informative treatment of specialized publications in economics, studying the case of Emprendedores, the business supplement of La Industria, newspaper from Trujillo, Peru

    Football and media matters

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    Examines how media and communication studies have engaged with football, both as a cultural form and as industry over the years

    Boston University Bulletin. School of Management; Graduate Programs, 1980-1981

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    Each year Boston University publishes a bulletin for all undergraduate programs and separate bulletins for each School and College, Summer Term, and Overseas Programs. Requests for the undergraduat e bulle tin should be addressed to the Admissions Office and those for other bulletins to the individual School or College. This bulletin contains current information regarding the calendar, admissions, degree requirements, fees, regulations, and course offerings. The policy of the University is to give advance notice of change, when ever possible, to permit adjustment. The University reserves the right in its sole judgment to make changes of any nature in its program, calendar, or academic schedule whenever it is deemed necessary or desirable, including changes in course content, the rescheduling of classes with or without extending the academic term, canceling of scheduled classes and other academic activities, and requiring or affording alternatives for schedul ed classes or other academic activities, in any such case giving such notice thereof as is reasonably practicable under the circumstances. Boston University Bulletins (USPS 061-540) are published twenty times a year: one in January, one in March, four in May, four in June, six in July, one in August, and three in September

    Sowing the Seeds: A Study of Media Coverage of Agriculture and Women in the Agricultural Sector in Three African Countries: Mali, Uganda and Zambia

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    Examines the state of news coverage of women and agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa as a baseline for a training program to expand in-depth coverage of women and farmers. Discusses challenges and next steps

    Special Issue

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    Offices Move To Chapman -- HUNDRED FACULTY ARRIVE -- Beistline Named First College Provost -- Hullinger Takes Comptroller Post -- New University Relations Director Is Writer and Administrator -- Campus Services Add Several Staffers -- COLLEGE OF ARTS AND LETTERS -- Announces Twenty-Four New Faculty -- Behavioral Sciences, Education Expand -- University Offers New Courses In Several Ethnic Cultures -- Ecology Courses Offered For First Time This Fall -- Anchorage College Announces New Faculty and Staff -- Business, Economics and Government Faculty -- Library Course Replaces Required Test -- Three New Profs in Biological Sciences -- New College Staff -- Coop Extension Staff -- University Initiates Sea-Grant Program -- Three New Faculty in Earth Sciences College -- ON THE COLLEGE CAMPUS -- Physical Sciences Add Eleven Faculty -- New Engineer At IAEE -- Research Institutes Add Professionals -- New Faces at the Institutes -- Musk Ox, Arctic Health -- Six New at Geophysical Institute -- More New Staff -- Community Colleges, Statewide Service

    The Reconstruction of American Journalism

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    Explores the history and changing landscape of American journalism as well as the need to preserve independent, original, and credible print news reporting. Considers the roles of the Internet, collaborations among newspapers, and foundation support
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