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    Additions and Corrections

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    Additions and correction

    Additions and corrections to the Brokopondo study (Surinam)

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    ZFITTER: a semi-analytical program for fermion pair production in e+e- annihilation, from version 6.21 to version 6.42

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    ZFITTER is a Fortran program for the calculation of fermion pair production and radiative corrections at high energy e+e- colliders; it is also suitable for other applications where electroweak radiative corrections appear. ZFITTER is based on a semi-analytical approach to the calculation of radiative corrections in the Standard Model. We present a summary of new features of the ZFITTER program version 6.42 compared to version 6.21. The most important additions are: (i) some higher-order QED corrections to fermion pair production, (ii) electroweak one-loop corrections to atomic parity violation, (iii) electroweak one-loop corrections to nu-e nu-e-bar production, (iv) electroweak two-loop corrections to the W boson mass and the effective weak mixing angle.Comment: 60 pages, latex, 3 table

    A List of References on Spacetime Splitting and Gravitoelectromagnetism

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    Revised version to be published in the Proceedings of the Encuentros Relativistas Espa\~noles, September, 2000 [ http://hades.eis.uva.es/EREs2000 ]Comment: 22 pages, LaTeX article style. Please send corrections and additions to mailto:[email protected]

    Microscopic Origin of the Bekenstein-Hawking Entropy

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    The Bekenstein-Hawking area-entropy relation SBH=A/4S_{BH}=A/4 is derived for a class of five-dimensional extremal black holes in string theory by counting the degeneracy of BPS soliton bound states.Comment: 12 pages. Relatively minor corrections and additions to discussio

    Stable A^1-homotopy and R-equivalence

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    We prove that existence of a k-rational point can be detected by the stable A^1-homotopy category of S^1-spectra, or even a "rationalized" variant of this category.Comment: 6 pages; various minor additions and corrections, to appear in J Pure Appl Al

    Microcanonical treatment of black hole decay at the Large Hadron Collider

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    This study of corrections to the canonical picture of black hole decay in large extra dimensions examines the effects of back-reaction corrected and microcanonical emission at the LHC. We provide statistical interpretations of the different multiparticle number densities in terms of black hole decay to standard model particles. Provided new heavy particles of mass near the fundamental Planck scale are not discovered, differences between these corrections and thermal decay will be insignificant at the LHC.Comment: small additions and clarifications, format for J. Phys.