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    Why assertive communication skills are important?

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    Poster Presentation: Acupressure Modality Effectiveness: Research Results for Pain and Anxiety Poster

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    According to recent studies, including Monson et all, JACM, 2019, there is growing evidence for the effective and safe use of acupressure as a non-pharmacological approach to reducing pain and anxiety. Acupressure can quiet the mind, promoting a sense of well-being by decreasing anxiety. A collaborative retrospective analysis of self-rated pain and anxiety scores before and immediately after administration of a stress release protocol indicate that acupressure is a highly satisfactory complementary therapy. Results were clinically significant for a decrease in self-rated pain and anxiety scores. Occupational therapy practitioners as well as those who use the Kawa model of reference can utilize acupressure to promote improved occupational performance by reducing the barriers of pain and anxiety

    Improving the science process skills of physics education students by using guided inquiry practicum

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    This research investigate that science process skills significantly improve after doing some practicum activities. The research population are fifth semester physics education students and the research sample are fifth semester physics education students who was doing electricity and magnetism experiment C class course. We used two questionnaires, the first one is given to the students after doing three experiment activities and the second one is given after doing six experiment activities. This research is quantitative research using paired sample t test analysis that compared the first questionnaires score and the second questionnaires by using SPSS software. The result indicates that the number of practicum activities is able to improve the science process skills significantly.Comment: 8 pages, 3 tables, contribution and published in International Conference on Research in Education - Sanata Dharma University (ICRE 2017

    2021 SERA Annual Meeting Program and Abstracts

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    Southwest Educational Research Association www.sera–edresearch.org 2021 Annual Meeting Program and Abstracts February 3 - 5, 202

    Policeman\u27s Occupational Personality, The

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    Assessment of Energy Intensity Indicators in Libya: Case Study

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    Energy-efficient technologies provide chances for money savings and reducing environmental damages related to energy use. This paper aims to assess the energy efficiency in Libya and tools to promote its implementation. In addition, it seeks to present measures and programs that could be foreseen in the transformation sector and some end users. Data of energy intensity in Libya was taken from different recognized sources such as World Development Indicators (WDI) - World Bank, and Enerdata web site. The data was collected, assembled, and analyzed using Ms Excel sheets. Results were plotted and compared to World average and Africa or with (Middle East and North African) MENA countries where ever data is available. The main indicators over almost quarter of a century (1990-2014) were presented and changes over this period were indicated. It could be concluded that primary energy intensity for Libya during (2000- 2014) is comparable to world average values and for Africa and the final energy intensity has increased at only 0.7% per year during the same period. As an oil producer and exporter country, the ratio of final enrgy intensity to primary energy intensity in Libya has increased at a rate of 1.1% during (2000-2014), which is greater than the World average and African countries.  The rate of energy intensity of transport has increased by 6.9 % per year for the period (1990-2014) and 7.8% per year for the period (2000-2014) compared to the world improvement (-1.8%) per year and for Africa (-0.3) % per year for the period (2000-2014)). This is due to lack of regulations and measures concerning this sector and increased number of private cars. Suitable measures and policies should be taken towards this sector to improve its performance since it contributes to the highest share of energy consumption. The highest share of electric energy consumption is at residential, then commercial and service end use, followed by street lighting. There is a good potential for energy saving at these sectors

    PSRO update

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    Newsletter for Massachusetts physicians, providing updates on the development of Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSROs) as Medicare and Medicaid standards were established

    Undergraduate Commencement Exercises Program, August 1, 1958

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    Bryant University Undergraduate Commencement Exercises Program, August 1, 1958

    Impact on patient satisfaction and importance of medical intake and office staff in a multidisciplinary, one-stop shop transgender program in Indianapolis, Indiana

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    Background: Historically, the transgender population has postponed seeking primary care due to discrimination within social and medical settings. Very few studies have considered patient satisfaction with transgender care and whether there are differences in staff satisfaction. This cross-sectional study focuses on the satisfaction of transgender patients who receive primary care at a comprehensive, “one-stop shop” program in Indianapolis, IN, USA. Methods: Sixty-two patients completed a patient satisfaction survey. Items consisted of 5-point Likert scales with anchors of satisfaction, caring, competence, and doctor recommendation. Results: Overall, there were positive responses to all items, ranging from moderately high to very high. There was high overall satisfaction in the program’s trans-friendliness, office visits, and “one-stop shop” model. Lower scoring items concerned medical intake with appointment making and timing. There were no statistical differences across age, gender, education, duration at the program, and number of visits in the past 12 months. There were clear differences between how respondents viewed the care and competence of the program’s staff. In particular, the doctor was viewed most positively and office staff least positively with medical staff rated in-between. Conclusion: There is high patient satisfaction with this comprehensive, “one-stop shop” care model among the transgender population. We recommend that transgender programs routinely conduct quality improvement measures, maintain sufficient workforce coverage, and provide cultural competency training which should include appropriate care standards and patient-centered concerns regarding appointment making and burdens associated with timing, traveling, and cost