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    J Appl Dev Psychol

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    Adolescent exposure to violence (ETV) is associated with multiple negative health outcomes. Despite evidence linking adolescent ETV with later experiences of physical, sexual and psychological intimate partner violence (IPV) victimization, more longitudinal evidence is needed, and potential explanatory mechanisms should be tested. We examine data collected over 17 years to analyze the mediating effects of mental distress and substance use on the association between cumulative ETV in adolescence and IPV in adulthood. Adolescent (| |=15-18 years) ETV was associated with IPV outcomes in adulthood (| |=32 years). In parallel mediation models, mental distress in emerging adulthood (| |=20-23 years) fully mediated the effect of adolescent ETV on later IPV outcomes. Although substance use predicted experience of IPV, it did not mediate the association between ETV and IPV. These findings have implications for understanding trajectories of risk following violence exposure and inform intervention work through identifying developmental periods where ETV contributes to later IPV victimization.R01 DA007484/DA/NIDA NIH HHSUnited States/R03 HD083397/HD/NICHD NIH HHSUnited States/U01 CE002698/CE/NCIPC CDC HHSUnited States

    Effects of front-of-pack labels on the nutritional quality of supermarket food purchases: evidence from a large-scale randomized controlled trial

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    To examine whether four pre-selected front-of-pack nutrition labels improve food purchases in real-life grocery shopping settings, we put 1.9 million labels on 1266 food products in four categories in 60 supermarkets and analyzed the nutritional quality of 1,668,301 purchases using the FSA nutrient profiling score. Effect sizes were 17 times smaller on average than those found in comparable laboratory studies. The most effective nutrition label, Nutri-Score, increased the purchases of foods in the top third of their category nutrition-wise by 14%, but had no impact on the purchases of foods with medium, low, or unlabeled nutrition quality. Therefore, Nutri-Score only improved the nutritional quality of the basket of labeled foods purchased by 2.5% (−0.142 FSA points). Nutri-Score’s performance improved with the variance (but not the mean) of the nutritional quality of the category. In-store surveys suggest that Nutri-Score’s ability to attract attention and help shoppers rank products by nutritional quality may explain its performance

    An Examination Of The Impact Of Student Characteristics And Teacher Experience And Preparation Program Attended On Student Achievement In A Small School District

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    Demonstrating a direct link between teacher education programs and student growth is, to say the least, complex. Yet, using value-added systems as a means of holding teacher preparation programs accountable for the effectiveness of their graduates is a growing trend. However, few quantitative studies linking TPPs with the effectiveness of their graduates exist. The availability of student test scores linked to specific teachers in administrative databases makes it possible to use value-added modeling to obtain estimates of teacher effects. Only recently have researchers tapped into this expanding volume of data in an attempt to examine Teacher Preparation Programs as variables of student achievement. This study uses methodologies developed in the early stages of the Value-Added Teacher Preparation Program Assessment Model developed in Louisiana in 2006 as a guide. Using the HLM 7.0 software package, a statistical model was developed to determine if it were feasible to conduct an analysis using data from a single small school district and whether the results of such an analysis showed an impact of student characteristics and teacher experience and preparation program on student outcomes in mathematics

    Mustang Daily, February 9, 2011

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    Student newspaper of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/studentnewspaper/8147/thumbnail.jp

    Mustang Daily, January 25, 2011

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    Student newspaper of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.https://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/studentnewspaper/8138/thumbnail.jp

    Aerospace medicine and biology: A continuing bibliography with indexes

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    This bibliography lists 224 reports, articles and other documents introduced into the NASA scientific and technical information system in February 1984

    Aerospace Medicine and Biology: A continuing bibliography with indexes (supplement 260)

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    A bibliography containing 225 reports, articles, and other documents which were introduced into the NASA Scientific and Technical Information system in June 1984 is presented. All articles are indexed and abstracted. General topics include: life sciences, aerospace medicine, behavioral sciences, man/system technology and life support, and planetary biology
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