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    Adding Salt to Pepper: A Structured Security Assessment over a Humanoid Robot

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    The rise of connectivity, digitalization, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing our society and shaping its future development. During this technological and societal revolution, security has been persistently neglected, yet a hacked robot can act as an insider threat in organizations, industries, public spaces, and private homes. In this paper, we perform a structured security assessment of Pepper, a commercial humanoid robot. Our analysis, composed by an automated and a manual part, points out a relevant number of security flaws that can be used to take over and command the robot. Furthermore, we suggest how these issues could be fixed, thus, avoided in the future. The very final aim of this work is to push the rise of the security level of IoT products before they are sold on the public market.Comment: 8 pages, 3 figures, 4 table

    Multifunctional crop trait ontology for breeders' data: field book, annotation, data discovery and semantic enrichment of the literature

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    The ‘Crop Ontology’ database we describe provides a controlled vocabulary for several economically important crops. It facilitates data integration and discovery from global databases and digital literature. This allows researchers to exploit comparative phenotypic and genotypic information of crops to elucidate functional aspects of traits

    SatNOGS Website Project

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    The SatNOGS Website project aims to create a web interface for the SatNOGS, or Satellite Network Open Ground Stations, project. The intent of the ongoing project is to make the main SatNOGS project more accessible by creating a web-based software system that contains many of the necessary features needed to run a ground station, and do it in a way that is visually appealing and human-friendly, and to also provide an extension to the main client for control and information presentation needs. A large feature that the application will offer is displaying much of the information that the transmitter is receiving, such as where in the sky the satellite that is being observed is at, whether the ground station is currently on the network, whether it is able to receive information, and even more data on the satellite it is looking at, including possibly a picture and the raw data the satellite is transmitting. This work is being done in collaboration with the ECE Department at Valparaiso University, which is working on aspects of the physical and electronic components. This project, in addition to contributing to this international effort, also provides a laboratory for experiencing and learning the technology and processes for large-scale software system construction

    Optimal Asset Allocation with Factor Models for Large Portfolios

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    An electronic version of the paper may be downloaded • from the SSRN website: www.SSRN.com • from the RePEc website: www.RePEc.org • from the CESifo website: Twww.CESifo-group.org/wp


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    The development of information technology has affected a lot of aspects in the world. One of the aspects that is influenced by the development is education aspect especially for its learning process. Learning process has transferred from offline to online using internet and computer technology. It is means that student can study and learn through website everywhere and anywhere without having to meet with their teachers. Website becomes popular learning media used by teacher to teach their students. This interactive website is a learning English website for Junior High School students. This website is available in two languages or bilingual in English and Indonesian Language. The reason why this website uses bilingual is because the target learners are in basic level. This website uses material of American Folklore for six language skills that are reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and translation. Blogspot.com is a provider hosting and domain for this website by the domain title “English is Fun with American Folklore”. It can be accessed in the address www.englishisfunwithamericanfolklore.blogspot.com. The aim of this interactive website is as learning media for Junior High School students to improve their skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar and translation. Website consists of three parts that are instruction, material and question. Instruction is the command for students about each section. The material consists of story from American Folklore in the form of text or audio or video. It is designed according to each section and lesson. Question part consists of questions for students after they study material. Questions are made in interactive type. It means that students can answer and get their grade or score directly on the website after all of questions are answered. Beside three parts above, this website is also provided with additional tools in order to help student to understand and learn material on each sections and answer questions. The tools include online dictionary, links to certain subject, links to vocabulary and meaning of the words etc


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    The advance of technology creates the new business trend by using internet. Zalora.co.id is one of the e-commerce uses website and application to deliver fashion products to the customers. The quality of website and application is the key to build the trust and satisfaction to the customers. Zalora.co.id needs a strategy to maintain the service quality and enjoyment through its website and application in order to keep and increase the customer repurchase intention on zalora.co.id. This study aims to analyze the influence of factors of repurchase intention on zalora.co.id. Website design quality, service quality and enjoyment as independent variables and repurchase intention as dependent variable. This research uses satisfaction and trust as intervening variables. Sample of this research is the application users and visitors' zalora website in 2016 who had made a minimum of two purchases. The sampling method in this research is judgment sampling. The analysis technique used is Structural Equation Modeling – PLS. The results of this study show website design quality, service quality and enjoyment have positive effect on repurchase intention. The indirect influence of website design quality through satisfaction and trust has a negative effect

    Website Review: Online Casino City

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    Effective website for educational institution

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    This paper examines the current status of a New Zealand educational institution’s website and makes a comparison among 44 samples. Two main sections have been contained in this research, secondary resource collection and observation. The aim of this research is to raise the awareness of this organisation and to attract potential students from the Chinese market by improve the organisation’s official website. This is desk research which has made use of qualitative methods. The results of the secondary resource collection mainly illustrate the general concepts of website design, the key factors of the education website, and Chinese web page preferences. The results from observation of 44 samples have been divided into two aspects, functionality and content. Most educational institution website pages are functional, while their online communication channels are basically limited to social media links; from the content point of view, school websites with Chinese versions generally have poor translations, and existing educational institution website samples can provide the information that the viewer needs through different presentation methods. These differences are explained in the discussion section. In conclusion, it suggested that in the current stage, educational institution websites could gain development by diversifying their communication channels and information presentation