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    Simplified models of electromagnetic and gravitational radiation damping

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    In previous work the authors analysed the global properties of an approximate model of radiation damping for charged particles. This work is put into context and related to the original motivation of understanding approximations used in the study of gravitational radiation damping. It is examined to what extent the results obtained previously depend on the particular model chosen. Comparisons are made with other models for gravitational and electromagnetic fields. The relation of the kinetic model for which theorems were proved to certain many-particle models with radiation damping is exhibited

    Supersymmetrization of the Radiation Damping

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    We construct a supersymmetrized version of the model to the radiation damping \cite{03} introduced by the present authors \cite{ACWF}. We dicuss its symmetries and the corresponding conserved Noether charges. It is shown this supersymmetric version provides a supersymmetric generalization of the Galilei algebra obtained in \cite{ACWF}. We have shown that the supersymmetric action can be splited into dynamically independent external and internal sectors.Comment: 9 page

    Delay Equations and Radiation Damping

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    Starting from delay equations that model field retardation effects, we study the origin of runaway modes that appear in the solutions of the classical equations of motion involving the radiation reaction force. When retardation effects are small, we argue that the physically significant solutions belong to the so-called slow manifold of the system and we identify this invariant manifold with the attractor in the state space of the delay equation. We demonstrate via an example that when retardation effects are no longer small, the motion could exhibit bifurcation phenomena that are not contained in the local equations of motion.Comment: 15 pages, 1 figure, a paragraph added on page 5; 3 references adde

    Rutherford scattering with radiation damping

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    We study the effect of radiation damping on the classical scattering of charged particles. Using a perturbation method based on the Runge-Lenz vector, we calculate radiative corrections to the Rutherford cross section, and the corresponding energy and angular momentum losses.Comment: Latex, 11 pages, 4 eps figure
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