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    On Continuous Conformal Deformation of the SL(2)_4/U(1) Coset

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    We Describe a one-parameter family of c=1 CFT's as a continuous conformal deformation of the SL(2)_4/U(1) coset.Comment: LaTex file, 9 page

    Scalar GW detection with a hollow spherical antenna

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    We study the response and cross sections for the absorption of GW energy in a Jordan-Brans-Dicke theory by a resonant mass detector shaped as a hollow sphere.Comment: latex file, 9 page

    Canonical Equivalence of a Generic 2D Dilaton Gravity Model and a Bosonic String Theory

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    We show that a canonical tranformation converts, up to a boundary term, a generic 2d dilaton gravity model into a bosonic string theory with a Minkowskian target space.Comment: LaTeX file, 9 pages, no figure

    The Hidden Geometry of the Quantum Euclidean Space

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    We briefly describe how to introduce the basic notions of noncommutative differential geometry on the 3-dim quantum space covariant under the quantum group of rotations SOq(3)SO_q(3).Comment: latex file, 9 pages, no figure. Talk given at QGS98, Pragu
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