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    Local triple derivations on real C*-algebras and JB*-triples

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    We study when a local triple derivation on a real JB*-triple is a triple derivation. We find an example of a (real linear) local triple derivation on a rank-one Cartan factor of type I which is not a triple derivation. On the other hand, we find sufficient conditions on a real JB*-triple E to guarantee that every local triple derivation on E is a triple derivation

    Playing with Derivation Modes and Halting Conditions

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    In the area of P systems, besides the standard maximally parallel derivation mode, many other derivation modes have been investigated, too. In this paper, many variants of hierarchical P systems and tissue P systems using different derivation modes are considered and the effects of using di erent derivation modes, especially the maximally parallel derivation modes and the maximally parallel set derivation modes, on the generative and accepting power are illustrated. Moreover, an overview on some control mechanisms used for (tissue) P systems is given. Furthermore, besides the standard total halting mode, we also consider different halting conditions such as unconditional halting and partial halting and explain how the use of different halting modes may considerably change the computing power of P systems and tissue P systems
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