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    Fully Frustrated Cold Atoms

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    Fully frustrated Josephson Junction arrays (FF-JJA's) exhibit a subtle compound phase transition in which an Ising transition associated with discrete broken translational symmetry and a Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless (BKT) transition associated with quasi-long-range phase coherence occur nearly simultaneously. In this Letter we discuss a cold atom realization of the FF-JJA system. We demonstrate that both orders can be studied by standard momentum-distribution-function measurements and present numerical results, based on a successful self-consistent spin-wave approximation, that illustrate the expected behavior of observables.Comment: 5 pages, 3 figures, submitte

    Quantum Metrology with Cold Atoms

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    Quantum metrology is the science that aims to achieve precision measurements by making use of quantum principles. Attribute to the well-developed techniques of manipulating and detecting cold atoms, cold atomic systems provide an excellent platform for implementing precision quantum metrology. In this chapter, we review the general procedures of quantum metrology and some experimental progresses in quantum metrology with cold atoms. Firstly, we give the general framework of quantum metrology and the calculation of quantum Fisher information, which is the core of quantum parameter estimation. Then, we introduce the quantum interferometry with single and multiparticle states. In particular, for some typical multiparticle states, we analyze their ultimate precision limits and show how quantum entanglement could enhance the measurement precision beyond the standard quantum limit. Further, we review some experimental progresses in quantum metrology with cold atomic systems.Comment: 53 pages, 9 figures, revised versio

    Polarization squeezing with cold atoms

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    We study the interaction of a nearly resonant linearly polarized laser beam with a cloud of cold cesium atoms in a high finesse optical cavity. We show theoretically and experimentally that the cross-Kerr effect due to the saturation of the optical transition produces quadrature squeezing on both the mean field and the orthogonally polarized vacuum mode. An interpretation of this vacuum squeezing as polarization squeezing is given and a method for measuring quantum Stokes parameters for weak beams via a local oscillator is developed

    Cooperative Scattering by Cold Atoms

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    We have studied the interplay between disorder and cooperative scattering for single scattering limit in the presence of a driving laser. Analytical results have been derived and we have observed cooperative scattering effects in a variety of experiments, ranging from thermal atoms in an optical dipole trap, atoms released from a dark MOT and atoms in a BEC, consistent with our theoretical predictions.Comment: submitted for special issue of PQE 201

    Exotic superfluidity in cold atoms

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    We derived the low energy effective action for the collective modes in asymmetric fermionic systems with attractive interaction. We obtained the phase diagram in terms of the chemical potentials. It features a stable gapless superfluidity with one Fermi surface on the BEC side of the resonance. Also we predict a sharp increase in outer core of a vortex, i.e. vortex size, upon entering into the gapless phase. This may serve as a signature of a gapless phase.Comment: 12 pages, 6 figures, proceedings of the conference "Shifmania, Crossing the Boundaries: Gauge Dynamics at Strong Coupling", May 14-17, 200
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