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    Construction of Isocytosine Scaffolds via DNA-Compatible Biginelli-like Reaction

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    Herein we report a DNA-compatible Biginelli reaction to construct isocytosine scaffolds. This reaction utilizes a one-pot reaction of DNA-conjugated guanidines with aldehydes and methyl cyanoacetates to give isocytosine derivatives, and the method is well compatible with different types of substrates. This is the first report on the synthesis of an isocytosine backbone in the field of DNA-compatible organic synthesis. The successful development of this reaction can widen the chemical space of DELs

    DNA-Conjugated Cyclopropane Derivatives Constructed from Sulfonium Ylides with <i>α,β</i>-Unsaturated Ketones

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    Here, we report a DNA-compatible reaction for the generation of cyclopropane derivatives using thiolides with α,β-unsaturated ketones in the absence of transition metal and N2 protection, which is convenient for DNA encoded library (DEL) construction. This approach allows the rapid and efficient production of a series of DEL libraries of potentially biologically active cyclopropanes and spirocyclopropyl oxindole derivatives