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    Disorder effects on the quantum coherence of a many-boson system

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    The effects of disorders on the quantum coherence for many-bosons are studied in a double well model. For the ground state, the disorder enhances the quantum coherence. In the deep Mott regime, dynamical evolution reveals periodical collapses and revivals of the quantum coherence which is robust against the disorder. The average over variations in both the on-site energy and the interaction reveals a beat phenomenon of the coherence-decoherence oscillation in the temporal evolution.Comment: 4 figure

    Bounds On Anomalous Magnetic And Electric Moments Of Tau Lepton From LEP And Lepton Flavor Violation

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    The most stringent bounds on the anomalous magnetic and electric dipole moments of the tau lepton was derived by Escribano and Mass\'{o}[6] from the Z width at LEP in an effective lagrangian approach to the new physics. In this paper we point out that the higher dimensional operators introduced by Escribano and Mass\'{o} not only modify the neutral currents of the tau lepton to Z gauge boson and the photon, but also induce lepton flavor violation (LFV). The size of the LFV effect depends crucially on the dynamics of the lepton mass generation. Assuming the lepton mass matrices in the form of an Fritzsch ansatz, we point out that the experimental limit on μeγ\mu \to e \gamma will push the anomalous magnetic and electric dipole moments of the tau lepton down to 101110^{-11} and 1025ecm10^{-25} e cm respectively.Comment: 6 pages, latex, no figure