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    Are you a researcher as well as a medical illustrator?

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    When we list the areas of practice for medical illustrators we always include research, but how involved in research are we? The aim of this activity is to encourage your professional development not just as a medical illustrator but your involvement with research whether that is undertaking your own research, undertaking evidence based practice (1) , working as part of a research team, advising researchers on the value of medical illustration or supporting a student undertaking a research project for their degree or post-graduate qualification

    Special tool seals conductors with combination of plastic sleeves

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    Special tool seals electrical conductors connecting instrumentation within space vehicle cryogenic fuel tanks and oxidizer tanks. An inner sleeve of fluorinated ethylene-propylene and an outer sleeve of tetrafluoroethylene enclose a bundle of conductors and are heated with the tool to form a tight seal of the bundle and each individual wire

    Evaluation of the Edinburgh Police research and practice group

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    The EPRPG began in January 2011 as a means of feeding findings from the community policing knowledge transfer project, and the related small research studies, back to the police. However, it quickly emerged that there was an appetite for research seminars and workshops on a much broader range of police-related topics, many of which arose from discussion at the sessions themselves. Over the course of the year two further series of sessions were run, providing academics and PhD researchers from many institutions with opportunities to present and discuss their research within the EPRPG forum. The evaluation of the EPRPG set out to: Explore the organisation and delivery of knowledge exchange activities; Obtain the views of programme leaders about their experiences of running the project and of participants who attended the events in order to assess the advantages and limitations of the project; Examine the possibility of measuring the impact of the project in terms of strengthening police and academic relations, the practical application of academic research and benefits for both the policing and academic communities; Generate feedback from participants on suggestions for future development of the project

    Ultrasonic metal etching for metallographic analysis

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    Ultrasonic etching delineates microstructural features not discernible in specimens prepared for metallographic analysis by standard chemical etching procedures. Cavitation bubbles in ultrasonically excited water produce preferential damage /etching/ of metallurgical phases or grain boundaries, depending on hardness of metal specimens

    Innovation and Organisation in the UK magazine print publishing industry: a survey

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    This paper examines innovation within the UK magazine publishing industry. We find that publishers are able to engage with niche interest groups in order to supply a high value-added product. The paper attempts define the characteristics of the industry and to examine the drivers of innovation through a survey and an exploratory approach to data analysis. We suggest that the frequently employed simple output measures of innovation do not adequately capture the innovation process in this industry or the range of activities carried out by firms. We find that groups of firms engage different patterns of innovative behaviour depending on the drivers of innovation. Firms that are more responsive to consumer trends are more likely to engage in a wider range of associated activities in order to add value from their consumer knowledge
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