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    Generic section of a hyperplane arrangement and twisted Hurewicz maps

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    We consider a twisted version of the Hurewicz map on the complement of a hyperplane arrangement. The purpose of this paper is to prove surjectivity of the twisted Hurewicz map under some genericity conditions. As a corollary, we also prove that a generic section of the complement of a hyperplane arrangement has non-trivial homotopy groups.Comment: v.2: title changed, 9 page

    Freeness of hyperplane arrangements and related topics

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    This is the expanded notes of the lecture by the author in "Arrangements in Pyrenees", June 2012. We are discussing relations of freeness and splitting problems of vector bundles, several techniques proving freeness of hyperplane arrangements, K. Saito's theory of primitive derivations for Coxeter arrangements, their application to combinatorial problems and related conjectures.Comment: 28 page
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