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    An IoT-Based Non-invasive Diabetics Monitoring System for Crucial Conditions

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    Diabetes is among the major chronic disease around the world since the Glucose level could change drastically and lead to critical conditions reaching to death sometimes. To avoid this, diabetes patient are always advised to track their glucose level at least three times a day. Fingertip pricking - as the traditional method for glucose level tracking - leads patients to be distress and it might infect the skin. In some cases, tracking the glucose level might be a hard job especially if the patient is a child. In this manuscript, we present an optimum solution to this drawback by adopting the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)-based non-invasive strategies. Near-Infrared (NIR) -as an optical method of the non-invasive technique - has been adopted to help diabetic patients in continuously monitoring their blood without pain. The proposed solution will alert the patients’ parents or guardians of their situation when they about to reach critical conditions specially at night by sending alarms and notifications by Short Messages (SMS) along with the patients current location to up to three people