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    A More Precise Extraction of |V_{cb}| in HQEFT of QCD

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    The more precise extraction for the CKM matrix element |V_{cb}| in the heavy quark effective field theory (HQEFT) of QCD is studied from both exclusive and inclusive semileptonic B decays. The values of relevant nonperturbative parameters up to order 1/m^2_Q are estimated consistently in HQEFT of QCD. Using the most recent experimental data for B decay rates, |V_{cb}| is updated to be |V_{cb}| = 0.0395 \pm 0.0011_{exp} \pm 0.0019_{th} from B\to D^{\ast} l \nu decay and |V_{cb}| = 0.0434 \pm 0.0041_{exp} \pm 0.0020_{th} from B\to D l \nu decay as well as |V_{cb}| = 0.0394 \pm 0.0010_{exp} \pm 0.0014_{th} from inclusive B\to X_c l \nu decay.Comment: 7 pages, revtex, 4 figure

    A survey on cyber security for smart grid communications

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    A smart grid is a new form of electricity network with high fidelity power-flow control, self-healing, and energy reliability and energy security using digital communications and control technology. To upgrade an existing power grid into a smart grid, it requires significant dependence on intelligent and secure communication infrastructures. It requires security frameworks for distributed communications, pervasive computing and sensing technologies in smart grid. However, as many of the communication technologies currently recommended to use by a smart grid is vulnerable in cyber security, it could lead to unreliable system operations, causing unnecessary expenditure, even consequential disaster to both utilities and consumers. In this paper, we summarize the cyber security requirements and the possible vulnerabilities in smart grid communications and survey the current solutions on cyber security for smart grid communications. © 2012 IEEE

    The Spectral Autocorrelation Function in Weakly Open Chaotic Systems: Indirect Photodissociation of Molecules

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    We derive the statistical limit of the spectral autocorrelation function and of the survival probability for the indirect photodissociation of molecules in the regime of non-overlapping resonances. The results are derived in the framework of random matrix theory, and hold more generally for any chaotic quantum system that is weakly coupled to the continuum. The "correlation hole" that characterizes the spectral autocorrelation in the bound molecule diminishes as the typical average total width of a resonance increases.Comment: 13 pages, 1 Postscript figure included, RevTe
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