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    Ionospheric effects in active retrodirective array and mitigating system design

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    The operation of an active retrodirective array (ARA) in an ionospheric environment (that is either stationary or slowly-varying) was examined. The restrictions imposed on the pilot signal structure as a result of such operation were analyzed. A 3 tone pilot beam system was defined which first estimates the total electron content along paths of interest and then utilizes this information to aid the phase conjugator so that correct beam pointing can be achieved

    Probability-Changing Cluster Algorithm: Study of Three-Dimensional Ising Model and Percolation Problem

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    We present a detailed description of the idea and procedure for the newly proposed Monte Carlo algorithm of tuning the critical point automatically, which is called the probability-changing cluster (PCC) algorithm [Y. Tomita and Y. Okabe, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 86} (2001) 572]. Using the PCC algorithm, we investigate the three-dimensional Ising model and the bond percolation problem. We employ a refined finite-size scaling analysis to make estimates of critical point and exponents. With much less efforts, we obtain the results which are consistent with the previous calculations. We argue several directions for the application of the PCC algorithm.Comment: 6 pages including 8 eps figures, to appear in J. Phys. Soc. Jp