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    Iterative multiuser detection for ultra-wideband systems

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    A Research Design: Investigating the Effects of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies on EFL Learners’ Writing Performance: A Case Study of a Chinese University

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    Extensive research has recognized Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) as an essential means to explore learner’s intrinsic nature like learning motivation and strategies, and investigated its effects on learner’s learning outcomes. In such a rich theoretical framework, this paper aims to raise a specific research question on what SRL strategies Chinese EFL learners prefer to use and how the SRL strategies affect Chinese EFL learners’ writing performance. The process of the research design begins with the articulation of the author’s ontological and epistemological stance, then a discussion on the methodological considerations will be provided. The choice of a mixed method approach with specific techniques—questionnaire and interview—will be explained. Other concerns on ethics, validity and reliability, and limitations in the research design will be further expressed

    gLAB upgrade with BeiDou navigation system signals

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    The gLAB tool suit is an educational and professional multipurpose GNSS data processing software. It has been developed by gAGE/UPC under a contract of the European Space Agency (ESA). The current version of gLAB allows full GPS data processing with High Accuracy Positioning capability (at the centimetre level), but only a very limited data handling of Galileo and GLONASS. The Chinese Global Satellite Navigation System Beidou was not included in the initial requirements of ESA. The target of this project is to upgrade gLAB with the necessary functions to allow this software to compute user solutions with the Beidou signals

    Omission and its Impact on Character Reshaping in Literary Translation: A Case Study of Wolf Totem

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    This article sets out to explore, from a socio-cultural perspective, the heavy use of omission in the English translation of a popular Chinese novel Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong and its side effect: the shifts that take place on the characterization of the main character in the translated text. The descriptive perspective on the use of omission, the highly motivated, deliberate operation, shows that this method is well justified when taking into consideration the socio-cultural constraints. Nevertheless, its side effects that come along cannot be overlooked

    Acoustic Performance of Exhaust Muffler Based Genetic Algorithms and Artificial Neural Network

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     The noise level was one of the important indicators as a measure of the quality and performance of the diesel engine.Exhaust noise in diesel engines machine accounted for an important proportion of installed performance exhaust muffler and it was an effective way to control exhaust noise. This article using orthogonal test program for the muffler structure parameters as input to the sound pressure level and diesel fuel each output artificial neural network (BP network) learning sample. Matlab artificial neural network toolbox to complete the training of the network, and better noise performance and fuel consumption rate performance muffler internal structure parameters combination was obtained through genetic algorithm gifted collaborative validation of artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms to optimize application exhaust muffler design is entirely feasible