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    Deeply inelastic scattering off nuclei at RHIC

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    We discuss the physics case for an electron--nucleus collider at RHIC.Comment: 36 pages LaTex, 10 figures, Plenary talk at EPIC meeting, MIT, September 14th-16th, 200

    Wee partons in large nuclei: from virtual dream to hard reality

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    We construct a weak coupling, many body theory to compute parton distributions in large nuclei for xâ‰ȘA−1/3x\ll A^{-1/3}. The wee partons are highly coherent, non--Abelian Weizs\"{a}cker--Williams fields. Radiative corrections to the classical results are discussed. The parton distributions for a single nucleus provide the initial conditions for the dynamical evolution of matter formed in ultrarelativistic nuclear collisions.Comment: Plenary talk at Quark Matter '95, Monterey, CA, Jan 1995; LaTex file 16 pages, uses espcrc2.sty; 1 separate uuencoded figure file which uses epsf.st

    Hadronic scattering in the Color Glass Condensate

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    Multi-particle production in QCD is dominated by higher twist contributions. The operator product expansion is not very effective here because the number of relevant operators grow rapidly with increasing twist. The Color Glass Condensate (CGC) provides a framework in QCD to systematically discuss "classical" (multiple scattering) and "quantum" evolution (shadowing) effects in multi-particle production. The apparently insuperable problem of nucleus-nucleus scattering in QCD simplifies greatly in the CGC. A few examples are discussed with emphasis on open problems.Comment: 7 pages, Plenary talk at XXth Blois Conference, clarifying remark adde

    From many body wee parton dynamics to perfect fluid: a standard model for heavy ion collisions

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    We discuss a standard model of heavy ion collisions that has emerged both from the experimental results of the RHIC program and associated theoretical developments. We comment briefly on the impact of early results of the LHC program on this picture. We consider how this standard model of heavy ion collisions could be solidified or falsified in future experiments at RHIC, the LHC and a future Electron-Ion Collider.Comment: Extended version of Plenary Talk at the 35th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP2010), Paris, France, July 22-28, 2010. 14 pages, 9 figure

    Parton saturation, production, and equilibration in high energy nuclear collisions

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    Deeply inelastic scattering of electrons off nuclei can determine whether parton distributions saturate at HERA energies. If so, this phenomenon will also tell us a great deal about how particles are produced, and whether they equilibrate, in high energy nuclear collisions.Comment: LaTex 6 pgs., invited talk at XXXIVth Rencontres de Moriond, march 199