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    MedlinePlus??: The National Library of Medicine?? Brings Quality Information to Health Consumers

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    The National Library of Medicine???s (NLM??) MedlinePlus?? is a high-quality gateway to consumer health information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other authoritative organizations. For decades, NLM has been a leader in indexing, organizing, and distributing health information to health professionals. In creating MedlinePlus, NLM uses years of accumulated expertise and technical knowledge to produce an authoritative, reliable consumer health Web site. This article describes the development of MedlinePlus???its quality control processes, the integration of NLM and NIH information, NLM???s relationship to other institutions, the technical and staffing infrastructures, the use of feedback for quality improvement, and future plans.published or submitted for publicatio


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    Both experimental and simulation efforts have been employed to further advance the design and build of a single cylinder research engine. The engine will aid in advancing technology and understanding the operation of compression-ignition (CI) engines using natural gas within the heavy-duty engine industry. The basis for the engine is a Cummins 15L ISX engine that has been modified, retrofitted, and instrumented to allow for late-cycle direct-injection of high-pressure compressed natural gas. Along with the engine build, a one-dimensional GT-Power simulation model has been created and used to analyze the engine operation and specify components including the engine compression ratio and charging system. The combustion model was calibrated to a kinetic combustion model at multiple speed load points in effort to understand the effect of compression ratio, temperature, and start of injection, on natural gas compression ignition

    Flawed Feminism: An Exploration of Femininity in Contemporary Domestic Noir

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    Crime fiction is a genre whose female characters are often misunderstood, weak, powerless victims. Domestic noir, a subgenre of crime fiction, does the opposite. Authors of domestic noir fiction dig into the female experiences, seeking to understand and write women characters who represent feminism and femininity despite any shortcomings they have. In Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, I argue that reading this novel through the Critical Feminist Theory changes the interpretation of the female experience. Instead of reading the book for entertainment, digging into the larger scale issues in this book sheds light on the women’s experiences. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is another novel misunderstood through the female main character. I argue that Amy’s villainy doesn’t make her any less feminine even though she is a psychopath. Often compared to Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is focused in this thesis as its own entity. In contrast to Big Little Lies’ female main characters, Hawkins explores three female main characters who are not so privileged, who do not exude feminism, women who make mistakes in which there is no coming back from, and women who have loved too much or have been loved too little; all of whom emulate feminism in their individuality

    Calculation of Energy Bands for Nickel Sulfide.

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    1898: The Start of American Imperialism, or its End?

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    The year 1898, with the annexation of Hawaii and the results of Spanish-American War – namely the acquisition of more overseas territory – has traditionally served as the benchmark for what would be known as ‘American Imperialism’. At the time, and in the 117 years since, very little material has been produced which questions either the nature of ‘American Imperialism’ or its assumed start date. This paper seeks to accomplish exactly those aims. By first exploring the historiography of the broader nature of ‘imperialism’, then seeing how the ‘American System’ adapted and applied it, I will use specific case-study examples to test the hypothesis that rather than beginning in 1898, ‘American Imperialism’ actually ended in that year, and has not been a policy or practice of the United States since
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