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    Perfect colourings of isonemal fabrics by thin striping

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    Perfect colouring of isonemal fabrics by thin striping of warp and weft and the closely related topic of isonemal prefabrics that fall apart are reconsidered and their relation further explored. The catalogue of isonemal prefabrics that fall apart is extended to order 20 for those of even genus.Comment: 25 pages, 20 figure

    Gifts of Family LLC Units in a Post-Hackl Era: Present Interests or Future Interests?

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    Mandating Disclosure in Municipal Securities Issues: Proposed New York Legislation

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    This article surveys the existing mechanisims (primarily stemming from federal law) resulting in financial disclosure in connection with the offering and sale to the public of securities of New York municipal issuers. It also describes and compares alternative models for regimes of municipal issuer financial disclosure, such as the MFOA Guidelines, the federal Williams Bill and Industrial Bond Act and New York\u27s Disclosure Proposals. The article ultimately concludes that although the isolated purpose of protecting investors in a municipal securities market that is largely national could most effectively be pursued by the imposition of uniform disclosure requirements through federal law, the Disclosure Proposals are not demonstrably inadequate to this purpose, and the intrustion into the affiars of the state and local governments of New York that would accompany the federal law approach makes the enactment of the Disclosure Proposals a more attractive alternative

    Racing to War: Arms Competitions, Military Spending, and the Tendency of Nations to Engage in Armed Conflict

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    An essay exploring the relationship between arms acquisition, military spending, and the tendency of nations to engage in war

    Emerging Alternatives to Mutual Funds: Unit Investment Trusts and Other Fixed Portfolio Investment Vehicles

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    Thomas Harman offers a comprehensive analysis of the Unit Investment Trust. First, he defines the trust, examining the mechanics and participants associated with it. He then traces the development of the trust since its inception as a fixed trust. Next he discusses the regulation of the trust by the Securites Acts of 1933 and 1940. Finally, he compares the unit investment trust with other investment vehicles

    Approximate Theoretical Calculation of Continuum Opacities

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    An approxhnate procedure is described for the theoretical calculation of the spectral absorption coefficient produced by bound-free and free-free transitions in plasmas containing polyelectronic atoms and ions. Our method of calculation is based on the assumption that only two ionized species make important contributions to the opacity and that these two ionic constituents are present in equal concentrations. The approximate formulas are shown to yield results that are in good accord with estimates based on detailed numerical computations for nitrogen

    The Mental Hospital Chaplain: A Review

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    The Great War Then and Now: Reflections on America’s Declaration of War

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    This short essay explores the many impacts of the 1917 U.S. entry to World War I on the author\u27s hometown of Pennington, NJ, and the reaction of its residents at the time