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    The Correlation of Dental Arch Width and Ethnicity

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    This study sought to demonstrate a correlation between arch width, ethnic background, individual height, weight, and whether orthodontic treatment had been rendered. Conclusions revealed that arch widths were significantly larger (p= 0.002 for the mandible and p= 0.008 for the maxilla) in non-Whites than in Whites. In addition, arch widths of the mandible were significantly larger in individuals who had had orthodontic treatment compared to those who had not (p=0.005). This did not carry through to those arch widths in the maxilla of orthodontic versus nonorthodontic care (p=0.258)

    Book Review of \u3cem\u3eThe Truth About Rhythm\u3c/em\u3e, by I. E. Georg

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    Who\u27s That Again?

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    When a student came to my office to introduce himself as Roy King, my onomastic perception quotient was immediately activated; I realized that what I had here was a prime example of an onomastic tautology. For the cognoscenti, further explanation of this is probably not necessary, but as I often find myself in the rands of the incognoscenti, let me explain that even though the words have different linguistic origins, they denote the same idea and have the same meaning. (Roy is French or Anglo-American for King.