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    The dyadic green's function for an infinite moving medium

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    Derivation of dyadic Green function for electromagnetic field in moving medium using Minkowski theory and method of Fourier analysi

    Timeā€Dependent Green's Function for a Moving Isotropic Nondispersive Medium

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    The timeā€dependent Green's function for a moving isotropic nondispersive medium is hereby obtained by taking the Ļ‰ā€integration of the timeā€harmonic solution which was previously obtained by means of an operational method and by making use of the known result of the twoā€dimensional Kleinā€Gordon equation.Peer Reviewedhttp://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/69981/2/JMAPAQ-8-3-646-1.pd

    Present Views on Electrodynamics of Moving Media

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    Peer Reviewedhttp://deepblue.lib.umich.edu/bitstream/2027.42/116071/1/rds196722245.pd

    Flexible parylene actuator for micro adaptive flow control

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    This paper describes the first flexible parylene electrostatic actuator valves intended for micro adaptive flow control for the future use on the wings of micro-air-vehicle (MAV). The actuator diaphragm is made of two layers of parylene membranes with offset vent holes. Without electrostatic actuation, air can move freely from one side of the skin to the other side through the vent holes. With actuation, these vent holes are sealed and the airflow is controlled. The membrane behaves as a complete diaphragm. We have successfully demonstrated this function using a 2-mm x 2-mm parylene diaphragm electrostatic actuator valves. This work also includes the novel anti-stiction technology that is crucial to make such large-area parylene actuator diaphragm with the combined use of anti-stiction posts, self-assembled monolayers (SAM), surface roughening, and bromine trifluoride (BrFe) dry etching. With the help of SAM treatment, the operating voltage is lowered from 30 volts to 13 volts. The load deflection method is then used to measure the effective thickness of the composite diaphragm. The flexible parylene diaphragm can be deflected up to 100 Ī¼m when 150 Torr of pressure is applied. The result is fitted into a theoretical model and yields an effective thickness of 5.9 Ī¼m, which is agreeable with the actual thickness of 5.6 Ī¼m, thus proves the functionality of the device

    Complete gradient-LC-ESI system on a chip for protein analysis

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    This paper presents the first fully integrated gradient-elution liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization (LC-ESI) system on a chip. This chip integrates a pair of high-pressure gradient pumps, a sample injection pump, a passive mixer, a packed separation column, and an ESI nozzle. We also present the successful on-chip separation of protein digests by reverse phase (RP)-LC coupled with on-line mass spectrometer (MS) analysis

    Electrodynamics of moving media First semiannual report, 1 May - 1 Nov. 1965

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    Electrodynamics of moving media - Minkowski covariant formulation - Radiation due to oscillating dipole in vacuum - Field of moving charge in bounded region and Cerenkov radiatio

    Electromagnetic modes of Maxwell fisheye lens

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    We provide an analysis of the radial structure of TE and TM modes of the Maxwell fisheye lens, by means of Maxwell equations as applied to the fisheye case. Choosing a lens of size R = 1 cm, we plot some of the modes in the infrared range.Comment: 2+6 pages in Latex, 3 figures to be found in the published referenc

    The dyadic green's function for a moving isotropic medium

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    Dyadic Green function for moving isotropic mediu
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