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    ¬Islam dan Peradaban Spanyol: Catatan Kritis Beberapa Faktor Penyebab Kesuksesan Islam Spanyol

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    Born in the East, Islam was successfully expanded to Spain, a strong Christianity based country in the West. The civilization of this nation has encouraged the development of Europe in many ways, especially in the area of science and technology. The development of culture and civilization in Europe was undeniably connected to the existence of Islamic government in Spain. When Muslims rule this country many Europeans tempted to learn and study in Spain. At this classical period, Islam reached their golden era. Spain had become the central of Islamic civilization. From this fact, there are several important questions arise worth discussed in this essay, firstly, the background of the Islamic expansion to Spain and the dynamic development of Islam in this country that resulted in a great success.In this article, the writer applies historical approach using historical data from various history literature sources. In general, there are two conclusions. First of all, the expansion of Islamic government to Spain was motivated by the development of Islamic government in North Africa. Therefore, the expansion to Europe through Spain was unavoidable. Furthermore, Spain is the nearest region to North Africa and the power of Gothic Kingdom ruled this region was weakened. Second, the development of Islam in Spain was about 500 years and had reached its peak of supremacy when it was under the Abdurrahman III command. Although Islam, finally, was expelled from Spain after the fall of Islamic government, the Islamic culture has triggered European society renaissance.Key words: Islam, Spain, culture, civilization

    Pengaruh Bauran Pemasaran Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian City Car Kiapicanto Pada PT. Kars Inti Amanah (Kalla Kia) Palu

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    The aims of this study are: 1) to seek and analyze simultaneous influence of product, price, promotion, and place on consumers\u27 purchasing decisions; 2) to seek and analyze the influence of product on consumers\u27 purchasing decisions; 3) to seek and analyze the influence of price on consumers\u27 purchasing decisions; 4) to seek and analyze the influence of promotion on consumers\u27 purchasing decisions; 5) to seek and analyze the influence of place on consumers\u27 purchasing decisions. Sample of this study consists of 61 people who selected through purposive sampling technique. The hypotheses are tested with multiple linear regressions. The result show that: 1) product, price promotion, and place simultaneously have significant influence of consumers\u27 purchasing decisions; 2) product influences consumers\u27 purchasing decisions positively but insignificantly; 3) price positively and significantly influences consumers\u27 purchasing decisions; 4) promotion positively and significantly influences consumers\u27 purchasing decisions; 5) place negatively and significantly influences consumers\u27 purchasing decisions

    Effect of Nematode Population Densities on Trapping Activity of Nematophagous Fungus Arthrobotrys Dactyloides on Meloidogyne Javanica

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    Trapping activities of some nematophagous fungi were suggested to be related to the population density of nematodes. This study determined the trapping activity of Arthrobotrys dactyloides due to the effects of (i) different populations of Meloidogyne javanica, (ii) the presence of Caenorhabditis elegans, (iii) repeated inoculation of M. javanica, and (iv) different populations of both C. elegans and M. javanica. Experiments were conducted using a “standard slide test” and “soil microcosm” inoculated with A. dactyloides formulated in kaolin-alginate granules and with low nematode populations ranged from 6 to 14 juveniles per g soil. Results showed that ring formation and trapping activity of A. dactyloides increased with the increase of M. javanica population. The presence of C. elegans increased M. javanica mortality. Repeated inoculation of M. javanica maintained trapping activity of A. dactyloides. The mortality of M. javanica increased with the increase of both C. elegans and M. javanica population

    Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Think Pair Share Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar IPA Siswa

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    Learning science in junior high school raises many problems found on direct instruction, students learn such activity is very low. Students lacking the spirit to learn science, pretend to understand the teacher\u27s explanations. Students in learning activities mediocre both classical learning and teamwork that ultimately student learning outcomes many incompletes. To overcome this, then do action research in order to improve the results of junior high school students learn science through learning model Think Pair Share for Class VIII.1 second-semester students of SMP Negeri 2 Metro in the academic year 2012/2013. This study time is 3 months. Based on the recapitulation of the data observation learning process and the work of the group, the student learning outcomes can be summarized as follows. In observation of the learning process from the first meeting until the meeting of the 6th, there is increased an activity of students in learning. This happened after learning that teachers undertake improvements at each meeting

    Regulasi Wakaf di Indonesia Pasca Kemerdekaan Ditinjau dari Statute Approach

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    This Article focusing on wakaf regulation in Indonesia after its independence day. The research used statute approach, it also used regulation No. 5 Year 1960 and regulation No. 41 Year 2004 as its primary legal source. In analyzing data it used three legal basis; Lex Superior Derogat Legi Inferiori, Lex Specialis Derogat Legi Generali, and Lex Posterior Derogat Legi Priori. Firstly, it concludes that the background of regulating the wakaf regulation in Indonesia was conducted because of public needs to a special regulation which can rules wakaf and its legal contemporary development. Secondly, the comparison of wakaf regulations regulated from post-independence until reformation era explained that in the first concept of wakaf and its implementation opportunity was realized in The Reg. 5/1960. But the concept of Nâdzir firstly introduced in Gov. Regulation No. 28/1977 and established by the Indonesian compilation of Islamic Law. Thirdly, penal punishment changes, and according to statute approach analysis using those three legal basis, the Reg. 41/2004 is the most updated wakaf regulation in Indonesia
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