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    Smart Meter Privacy: A Utility-Privacy Framework

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    End-user privacy in smart meter measurements is a well-known challenge in the smart grid. The solutions offered thus far have been tied to specific technologies such as batteries or assumptions on data usage. Existing solutions have also not quantified the loss of benefit (utility) that results from any such privacy-preserving approach. Using tools from information theory, a new framework is presented that abstracts both the privacy and the utility requirements of smart meter data. This leads to a novel privacy-utility tradeoff problem with minimal assumptions that is tractable. Specifically for a stationary Gaussian Markov model of the electricity load, it is shown that the optimal utility-and-privacy preserving solution requires filtering out frequency components that are low in power, and this approach appears to encompass most of the proposed privacy approaches.Comment: Accepted for publication and presentation at the IEEE SmartGridComm. 201

    Statistical Tolerance Limits for Process Capability

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    In this paper, an attempt has been made to highlight the methodology of statistical tolerance limits and its applicability for estimating the process capability. The theory developed is applied to an actual case study and the results are discussed

    Seminar on Potential Marine Fishery Resources - Proceedings and Recommendations

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    The seminar was organized by the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute at Cochin on 23rd April 1986, marking the occasion of the Institute's moving into its own permanent building. The objective of the seminar was to find ways and means of bridging the gap between the estimated potential marine fishery resources of the country and the present level of actual yield from the exploited stocks. Considering the increasing demand for marine fish and the potential for export of marine products, critical information on the presently exploited stocks and those identified as under-exploited or unexploited resources is vitally essential for suggesting management and other measures to obtain optimum yields from these resources