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    Creation of blenders in the conservative setting

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    In this work we prove that each C^r conservative diffeomorphism with a pair of hyperbolic periodic points of co-index one can be C^1-approximated by C^r conservative diffeomorphisms having a blender.Comment: 4 figures, 16 figure

    The dynamics of quasi-isometric foliations

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    If the stable, center, and unstable foliations of a partially hyperbolic system are quasi-isometric, the system has Global Product Structure. This result also applies to Anosov systems and to other invariant splittings. If a partially hyperbolic system on a manifold with abelian fundamental group has quasi-isometric stable and unstable foliations, the center foliation is without holonomy. If, further, the system has Global Product Structure, then all center leaves are homeomorphic.Comment: 18 pages, 1 figur