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    MOESM2 of Revisiting the in vivo GlnR-binding sites at the genome scale in Bacillus subtilis

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    Additional file 2: Table S1. Mapping of GlnR DNA binding sites by ChIP-on-chip. ChIP-on-chip experiments were performed and data were analysed as previously described [32] using the method described by Reppas et al. [34]. GlnR was purified in two biological replicates for each condition of growth. This table lists all significantly enriched DNA regions by ChIP-on-chip experiment performed with a GlnRSPA expressing Bacillus subtilis strain

    Additional file 2: Figure S2. of The MarR-like protein PchR (YvmB) regulates expression of genes involved in pulcherriminic acid biosynthesis and in the initiation of sporulation in Bacillus subtilis

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    Effect of iron starvation on the expression of cypX and yvmB. The BFA815 (cypX::lacZ) and BSAS108 (pyvmB’-lacZ) strains were cultivated in LB medium until OD600 of 1. Samples of 2 ml of the cultures were spread onto solid LB medium containing 20 μg.ml−1 X-gal. A drop of 10 μl 10 mM bipyridyl was deposited at the center of each plate. Blue rings corresponded to expression of the fusion in cells around the inhibition zone of bipyridyl drops. (PDF 75 kb