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    An investigation on the b quark mass

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    In this article I will review the measurements of the b quark mass performed by ALEPH and DELPHI and presented at the HEP99 Conference in Tampere. Very clean effects of the mass running are observed, even if a wide spread in the results and large systematic errors due to hadronization corrections prevent to extract an average value of the running b quark mass.Comment: 3 pages, 1 figure

    Recent Results on Heavy Flavours with ALEPH

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    The latest ALEPH measurements on heavy flavours are presented. In particular the measurements of V_ub, the B(b -> s gamma) and a study on the width difference between mass eigenstates in the B_s system are presented.Comment: 7 pages, RevTe

    CMS upgrades for SLHC

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    I will discuss the impact of the LHC luminosity upgrade on CMS detector. While most of the CMS can possibly cope with the increased luminosity, the Tracker must undergo a major redesign in technology both in terms of detector substrates as well as in the data transfer links. I will show the impact on CMS of reduced bunch length and machine elements close to the interaction point

    mb from ALEPH and comparison with other LEP experiments

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    I will review the measurements of the bb-quark mass performed by ALEPH and DELPHI. A large set of observables has been used together with detailed studies on jet algorithms. Very clear effects due to the bb-quark mass running are observed. Comparing with the determinations at the Υ(4S)\Upsilon(4S) threshold, the measurements of the running bb-quark mass at the ZZ pole are consistent with the predicted evolution from QCD.Comment: 10 pages, 7 figures, submitted to QCD2000, Montpellier, Franc
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