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    Spectral correspondences for affine Hecke algebras

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    We introduce the notion of spectral transfer morphisms between normalized affine Hecke algebras, and show that such morphisms induce spectral measure preserving correspondences on the level of the tempered spectra of the affine Hecke algebras involved. We define a partial ordering on the set of isomorphism classes of normalized affine Hecke algebras, which plays an important role for the Langlands parameters of Lusztig's unipotent representations.Comment: 38 pages; The ordering of the material has been improved in this versio

    Spectral transfer morphisms for unipotent affine Hecke algebras

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    In this paper we will give a complete classification of the spectral transfer morphisms between the unipotent affine Hecke algebras of the various inner forms of a given quasi-split absolutely simple algebraic group, defined over a non-archimidean local field k\textbf{k} and split over an unramified extension of k\textbf{k}. As an application of these results, the results of [O4] on the spectral correspondences associated with such morphisms and some results of Ciubotaru, Kato and Kato [CKK] we prove a conjecture of Hiraga, Ichino and Ikeda [HII] on the formal degrees and adjoint gamma factors for all unipotent discrete series characters of unramified simple groups of adjoint type defined over k\bf{k}.Comment: 61 pages; We explained the comparison with Lusztig's parameterization of unipotent representations in more detai

    A generating function for the trace of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra

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    The Iwahori-Hecke algebra has a ``natural'' trace τ\tau. This trace is the evaluation at the identity element in the usual interpretation of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra as a sub-algebra of the convolution algebra of a p-adic semi-simple group. The Iwahori-Hecke algebra contains an important commutative sub-algebra C[θx]{\bf C}[\theta_x], that was described and studied by Bernstein, Zelevinski and Lusztig. In this note we compute the generating function for the value of τ\tau on the basis θx\theta_x

    A formula of Arthur and affine Hecke algebras

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    Let π,π\pi, \pi' be tempered representations of an affine Hecke algebra with positive parameters. We study their Euler--Poincar\'e pairing EP(π,π)EP (\pi,\pi'), the alternating sum of the dimensions of the Ext-groups. We show that EP(π,π)EP (\pi,\pi') can be expressed in a simple formula involving an analytic R-group, analogous to a formula of Arthur in the setting of reductive p-adic groups. Our proof applies equally well to affine Hecke algebras and to reductive groups over nonarchimedean local fields of arbitrary characteristic.Comment: 22 page