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    Supergravity Tensor Calculus in 5D from 6D

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    Supergravity tensor calculus in five spacetime dimensions is derived by dimensional reduction from the d=6 superconformal tensor calculus. In particular, we obtain an off-shell hypermultiplet in 5D from the on-shell hypermultiplet in 6D. Our tensor calculus still retains the dilatation gauge symmetry so that it becomes a trivial gauge fixing to make the Einstein term canonical in a general matter-Yang-Mills-supergravity coupled system.Comment: 38 pages, no figures, LaTeX, version to appear in PTP 104(2000),835-86

    Off-shell d=5 Supergravity coupled to Matter-Yang-Mills System

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    We present an off-shell formulation of matter-Yang-Mills system coupled to supergravity in five dimensional space-time. We give an invariant action for the general system of vector multiplets and hypermultiplets coupled to supergravity as well as the supersymmetry transformation rules. All the auxiliary fields are kept un-eliminated so that the supersymmetry transformation rules remain unchanged even when the action is changed.Comment: 36 pages, no figures, LaTeX, version to appear in PTP 105(2001),323-35

    Detection of an X-Ray Hot Region in the Virgo Cluster of Galaxies with ASCA

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    Based on mapping observations with ASCA, an unusual hot region with a spatial extent of 1 square degree was discovered between M87 and M49 at a center coordinate of R. A. = 12h 27m 36s and Dec. = 9∘18′9^\circ18' (J2000). The X-ray emission from the region has a 2-10 keV flux of 1×10−111 \times 10^{-11} ergs s−1^{-1} cm−2^{-2} and a temperature of kT≳4kT \gtrsim 4 keV, which is significantly higher than that in the surrounding medium of ∼2\sim 2 keV. The internal thermal energy in the hot region is estimated to be VnkT∼1060V n k T \sim 10^{60} ergs with a gas density of ∼10−4\sim 10^{-4} cm−3^{-3}. A power-law spectrum with a photon index 1.7−2.31.7-2.3 is also allowed by the data. The hot region suggests there is an energy input due to a shock which is probably caused by the motion of the gas associated with M49, infalling toward the M87 cluster with a velocity ≳1000\gtrsim 1000 km s−1^{-1}.Comment: 12 pages, 3 figures, accepted to ApJ

    XMM-Newton Observation of IC 310 in the Outer Region of the Perseus Cluster of Galaxies

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    We present results from an XMM-Newton observation of the head-tail radio galaxy IC 310 located in the southwest region of the Perseus cluster. The spectrum is well-fitted by an absorbed power-law model with a photon index of 2.50±0.022.50 \pm 0.02 with no significant absorption excess. The X-ray image shows a point-like emission at IC 310 without any signs of a structure correlated with the radio halo tail. The temperature of the intracluster medium surrounding IC 310 declines as a function of distance from the cluster center, from kT∼6 kT \sim 6 keV in the northeast corner of the field of view to about 3 keV in the southwest region. Although we do not find any sharp edges in the surface brightness profile, a brightness excess over a smooth β\beta model by about 20% is seen. The temperature also rises by about 10% in the same region. This indicates that the IC 310 region is a subcluster probably infalling into the Perseus cluster, and the gas in front of IC 310 towards the Perseus cluster is likely to be compressed by the large-scale motion, which supports the view that the IC 310 system is undergoing a merger.Comment: 7 pages, 8 figures (including color), accepted for publication in PAS

    Temperature Variation in the Cluster of Galaxies Abell 115 Studied with ASCA

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    Abell 115 exhibits two distinct peaks in the surface brightness distribution. ASCA observation shows a significant temperature variation in this cluster, confirmed by a hardness ratio analysis and spectral fits. A linking region between main and sub clusters shows a high temperature compared with other regions. Two possibilities are examined as the cause of the temperature variation: cooling flows in the main cluster and a shock heating due to the collision of the subcluster into the main system. Spectral fits with cooling flow models to the main-cluster data show a mass-deposition rate less than 419 solar-mass/yr. Temperatures in the main cluster, the linking region, and the subcluster are estimated by correcting for the effects of X-ray telescope response as 4.9 (+0.7/-0.6), 11 (+12/-4), and 5.2 (+1.4/-1.0) keV, respectively. The high temperature in the linking region implies that Abell 115 is indeed a merger system, with possible contribution from cooling flows on the temperature structure.Comment: 23 pages, including 7 Postscript figures, accepted for publication in Ap

    Monopole-vortex complex in a theta vacuum

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    We discuss aspects of the monopole-vortex complex soliton arising in a hierarchically broken gauge system, G to H to 1, in a theta vacuum of the underlying G theory. Here we focus our attention mainly on the simplest such system with G=SU(2) and H=U(1). A consistent picture of the effect of the theta parameter is found both in a macroscopic, dual picture and in a microscopic description of the monopole-vortex complex soliton.Comment: 18 pages 3 figure

    New Josephson Plasma Modes in Underdoped YBa2Cu3O6.6 Induced by Parallel Magnetic Field

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    The c-axis reflectivity spectrum of underdoped YBa2Cu3O6.6 (YBCO) is measured below Tc=59K in parallel magnetic fields H//CuO2 up to 7T. Upon application of a parallel field, a new peak appears at finite frequency in the optical conductivity at the expense of suppression of c-axis condensate weight. We conclude that the dramatic change originates from different Josephson coupling strengths between bilayers with and without Josephson vortices. We find that the 400cm^-1 broad conductivity peak in YBCO gains the spectral weight under parallel magnetic field; this indicates that the condensate weight at \omega =0 is distributed to the intra-bilayer mode as well as to the new optical Josephson mode.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure
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