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    Modeling repairable system failure data using NHPP realiability growth mode.

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    Stochastic point processes have been widely used to describe the behaviour of repairable systems. The Crow nonhomogeneous Poisson process (NHPP) often known as the Power Law model is regarded as one of the best models for repairable systems. The goodness-of-fit test rejects the intensity function of the power law model, and so the log-linear model was fitted and tested for goodness-of-fit. The Weibull Time to Failure recurrent neural network (WTTE-RNN) framework, a probabilistic deep learning model for failure data, is also explored. However, we find that the WTTE-RNN framework is only appropriate failure data with independent and identically distributed interarrival times of successive failures, and so cannot be applied to nonhomogeneous Poisson process