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    Business incubators can appear as a solution, or rather as a tool to promote the emergence and expansion of future business, as well as structures designed to stimulate local economic dynamics. Through this work, we will try to analyze the role of these ecosystems, not only in terms of helping to create new businesses, but also their contribution to local economic development. Indeed, we will try to achieve this objective through the case study of the incubator of the Technopark in Casablanca, which is a renowned structure in assisting and helping the creation and development of enterprises in the field of information technology and communication in Morocco

    Les effets de la guerre russo-ukrainienne sur le mouvement des Firmes multinationales au Maroc : une nouvelle opportunité géoéconomique et géopolitique

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    In the context of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis, a crisis that has disrupted the international order, multinational firms were not immune to the adverse effects of this crisis, pushing these firms to adjust their implantation strategies while considering the geopolitical dimension and the upheavals that the world has experienced. Morocco, as a country with significant advantages, must seize this opportunity and leverage its political stability and geographical position to intensify the flow of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) to its territory, a determining factor in the geo-economic and geopolitical power of states in a globalized context. Our research is based on a systematic approach to the literature of geopolitics, geostrategy, and geoeconomics, combined with a critical analysis of contemporary trends. This study aims to understand how this crisis influences the evolution of geopolitics and the geoeconomics of multinational companies (MNCs). In this regard, we conducted research to first determine the theoretical framework in which we examine the conceptual evolution of geopolitics and the contemporary developments that have led to the geoeconomics of MNCs, highlighting the challenges that arise for these firms. Subsequently, we analyze the impact of the Ukrainian war on the movement of MNCs, reviewing the specific impacts of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis on MNCs, including changes in their implantation strategies. We also assess the consequences of the crisis for Morocco as a potential destination for Foreign Direct Investments. Finally, we emphasize Morocco's geopolitical advantages and how it can capitalize on the current situation. This research aims to contribute to the understanding of the geo-economic and geopolitical implications of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis on MNCs and provide valuable insights for policymakers and economic stakeholders.   Keywords: Multinational Firms, Geopolitics, Geoeconomics, Geostrategy, Ukrainian Crisis Classification JEL: F01, F02 Paper type: Theoretical ResearchDans le contexte de la crise russo-ukrainienne, une crise qui a bouleversĂ© l’ordre international, les firmes multinationales n’étaient pas Ă  l’abri des effets nĂ©fastes de cette crise qui pousse ces firmes Ă  modifier leurs stratĂ©gies d’implantation tout en prenant en considĂ©ration la dimension gĂ©opolitique et les bouleversements qu’a connus le monde. Le Maroc en tant qu’un pays qui dispose des atouts Ă©normes doit saisir cette opportunitĂ© et profiter de sa stabilitĂ© politique et sa position gĂ©ographique afin d’intensifier les flux des IDE sur son territoire, une variable dĂ©terminante dans la puissance gĂ©oĂ©conomique et gĂ©opolitique des États dans un contexte mondialisĂ©. Notre recherche repose sur une approche systĂ©matique de la littĂ©rature gĂ©opolitique, gĂ©ostratĂ©gique et gĂ©oĂ©conomique, combinĂ©e Ă  une analyse critique des tendances contemporaines. Cette Ă©tude vise Ă  comprendre comment cette crise influence l'Ă©volution de la gĂ©opolitique et de la gĂ©oĂ©conomie des firmes multinationales. Dans ce sens on a fait un travail de recherche pour dĂ©terminer en premier lieu le Cadre thĂ©orique dont lequel nous examinons l'Ă©volution conceptuelle de la gĂ©opolitique et les Ă©volutions contemporaines qui ont conduit Ă  la gĂ©oĂ©conomie des FMN en mettant en lumière les enjeux qui en dĂ©coulent pour les FMN. Ensuite L'impact de la guerre ukrainienne sur le mouvement des FMN : Nous passons en revue les impacts spĂ©cifiques de la crise russo-ukrainienne sur les FMN, y compris les modifications de leurs stratĂ©gies d'implantation. Les consĂ©quences de la crise pour le Maroc, en tant que destination potentielle d'IDE : Enfin, nous mettons en avant les atouts gĂ©opolitiques du Maroc et la manière dont il peut tirer parti de la situation actuelle. Ce travail de recherche vise Ă  contribuer Ă  la comprĂ©hension des implications gĂ©oĂ©conomiques et gĂ©opolitiques de la crise russo-ukrainienne sur les FMN et Ă  fournir des perspectives prĂ©cieuses pour les dĂ©cideurs politiques et les acteurs Ă©conomiques.   Mots clĂ©s : Firmes Multinationales, GĂ©opolitique, GĂ©oĂ©conomie, GĂ©ostratĂ©gie, Crise Ukrainienne JEL Classification : F01, F02 Type du papier : Recherche ThĂ©oriqu


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    The observation of development inequalities reveals that they concern countries only. In fact, they are also present and are more salient between regions within the same country. In Morocco regional inequalities in economic growth still persist. Indicators show significant disparities in the development of different regions, which differentiates the living environment for residents and brings about socioeconomic changes. This work will try to focus on the question of inequalities and disparities of territorial development in Morocco through an analysis of a set of studies and results, allowing us to proceed to classify, to develop a typology of regions of the country and discern any deficiencies and inequalities disturbing their development