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    Pelaksanaan Pendekatan Scientific pada Pembelajaran Fisika di SMA Negeri di Kabupaten Pidie

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    This study examines the problem of how the implementation of the scientific approach has been carried out in Physics learning in SMA Negeri Pidie district. The purpose of this research is to know how far the implementation of scientific approach in Physics subject in SMA Negeri in Pidie district. Subjects in this study were all physics teachers of SMAN applying Curriculum 2013 that is SMAN 1 Sigli, SMAN 2 Sigli, SMAN Unggul Sigli, SMAN 1 Mutiara, and SMAN 1 Sakti. While the Object is the plan of implementation of learning in the teacher and questionnaire implementation of scientific approach. The type of this research is qualitative research. Data collection in this research is done by method (1) questionnaire, and (2) documentation. The data were analyzed descriptive qualitative using percentage equation. The results showed that the implementation of the scientific approach in Physics learning in SMA Negeri in Pidie district has been running well. The average percentage of the implementation of the scientific approach of 77.85% means that teachers always take a scientific approach in the learning process

    The Effectiveness of the Environmental Management System (EMS) Implementation in Green Supply Chain: A Case Study

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    Environmental awareness rapidly increased worldwide these recent decades. Likewise, individuals but also business organizations have begun practicing ”Green” initiatives in their organization's operations to reduce environmental impact. The implementation of the Environmental Management System (EMS) in the Green Supply Chain (GSC) is an approach to adopt the green initiatives in the business operations that beneficial to the organization, not just regarding the environmental benefits, but economic and social as well. In an example where EMS improves the environmental performance of the organization, previous research suggests that improvements not only occur within the limits of the organizational operation but also need to be extended throughout the supply chain. The effectiveness of EMS implementation in the green supply chain boosts the environmental performance of the organization. Ultimately, EMS and GSCM practices are complementary to each other. Organizations that implemented EMS have more signs of improving the environment not only at the boundaries of their organizations but also across their network of buyers and suppliers. This research explains the debate by empirically assessing the relationship between EMS and GSCM practices

    Pengaruh Biaya Operasional terhadap Pendapatan pada Perum Damri Cabang Bandung

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    The general purpose of this research is to test how operating costs affect revenue. To obtain these data, the Pearson correlation test is used to measure the linear relationship of two variables. The data analysis used is descriptive qualitative. Analysis and the types of data are secondary and primary data. This study shows that there is a very significant relationship between operating costs and income, according to the value of r table 0,609 > 0,997 which is greater than the value of r table in the company, therefore the correlation value > between operating cost and income variables. It was concluded that there were obtacles to operating costin 2019 and 2020, resulting in a decrease in revenue