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    Discrete transformation for matrix 3-waves problem in three dimensional space

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    Discrete transformation for 3- waves problem is constructed in explicit form. Generalization of this system on the matrix case in three dimensional space together with corresponding discrete transformation is presented also.Comment: LaTeX, 16 page

    Proposed Search for a00(980)f0(980)a^0_0(980)-f_0(980) Mixing in Polarization Phenomena

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    The K+K^+ and K0K^0 meson mass difference induces the mixing of the a00(980)a^0_0(980) and f0(980)f_0(980) resonances, the amplitude of which, between the K+KK^+K^- and K0Kˉ0K^0\bar K^0 thresholds, is large in magnitude, of the order of mKmK02mK+2αmK2 m_{K}\sqrt{m^2_{K^0}-m^2_{K^+}}\approx\sqrt\alpha m^2_K, and possesses the phase sharply varying by about 90^\circ. We suggest performing the polarized target experiments on the reaction πpηπ0n\pi^-p\to\eta\pi^0n at high energy in which the fact of the existence of a00(980)f0(980)a^0_0(980)-f_0(980) mixing can be unambiguously and very easily established through the presence of a strong jump in the azimuthal asymmetry of the ηπ0\eta\pi^0 SS wave production cross section near the KKˉK\bar K thresholds. The presented estimates of the polarization effect to be expected in experiment are to a great extent model independent.Comment: RevTeX, 9 pages, 1 figure. A number of typographical and grammatical errors correcte

    Degenerate Neutrinos and CP Violation

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    We have studied mixing and masses of three left handed Majorana neutrinos in the model, which assumes exactly degenerate neutrino masses at some "neutrino unification" scale. Such a simple theoretical ansatz naturally leads to quasidegenerate neutrinos. The neutrino mass splittings induced by renormalization effects. In the model we found that the parameters of the neutrino physics (neutrino mass spectrum, mixing angles and CP violation phases) are strongly intercorrelated to each other. From these correlations we got strong bounds on the parameters which could be checked in the oscillation experiments.Comment: 5 pages, latex, presented at CAPP200