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    The photon structure and exclusive production of vector mesons in gamma-gamma collisions

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    The process of exclusive vector meson production (gamma gamma to J/psi rho^0) is studied for almost real photons. This process may be reduced to photoproduction of J/psi off the rho^0 meson. We discuss the possibility of extracting the gluon distribution of rho^0 and of the photon from such measurement. Predictions are also given for the reaction (e+e- to e+ e- J/psi rho^0) for various e+e- cms energies typical for LEP and for the future linear colliders.Comment: 10 pages with 3 Postscript figure

    Evidence for breakdown of the DGLAP description in diffractive DIS at HERA

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    HERA data on diffractive DIS show deviations from twist 2 DGLAP predictions below Q2‚ąľ5Q^2\sim 5 GeV2^2 at low pomeron őĺ\xi, which may reach up to 100%. These deviations are consistent with higher twists effects extracted from the saturation model. It is a first direct evidence for the higher twists in DIS. This finding affects determination of the diffractive parton densities that are used for the predictions at the LHC.Comment: 5 pages, 2 figures, Based on the talk presented at the conference Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Subjects (DIS2012), Bonn, 201

    Evidence of strong higher twist effects in diffractive DIS at HERA at moderate Q2

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    We study a twist decomposition of diffractive structure functions in the diffractive deep inelastic scattering (DDIS) at HERA. At low Q2 and at large energy the data exhibit a strong excess, up to about 100%, above the twist 2 NLO DGLAP description. The excess in consistent with higher twist effects. It is found, that complementing the DGLAP fit by twist 4 and 6 components of the GBW saturation model leads to a good description of data at low Q2. We conclude that the DDIS at HERA provides the first, strong evidence of higher twist effects in DIS.Comment: 4 pages, 2 PDF figure
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