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    Compact Formulas for Tree Amplitudes of Six Partons

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    Compact results are obtained for tree-level non-MHV amplitudes of six fermions and of four fermions and two gluons, by using extended BCF/BCFW rules. Combining with previous results, complete set of tree amplitudes of six partons are now available in compact forms.Comment: 11 pages, RevTex. New results for fermions of multi-flavor and in fundamental representations are include

    Recursion Relations for Tree Amplitudes in Super Gauge Theories

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    Using newly proposed BCF/BCFW recursion relations, compact formulas are obtained for tree-level n-gluon amplitudes of helicity structure --++...+. We then make an extension of these recursion relations to include fermions of multi-flavors, from which MHV and \bar{MHV} amplitudes are reproduced. We also calculate non-MHV amplitudes of processes with two fermions and four gluons. Results thus obtained are equivalent to those obtained by extended CSW prescriptions, and those by conventional field theory calculations.Comment: Minor changes. Published versio
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